Simple Living

Live simply so that others simply live.-Mahatma Gandhi

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I have a very humble background. I came from a very simple family in our town in the Philippines. I grew up having very normal life like many people I know back home. Living in America is a new challenge for me. I’ve never driven a car before and don’t gasp if I tell you I grew up with my grandmother without refrigerator, washer and dryer, oven,microwave,air conditioner (only electric fan!) but we do have TV (analog) and YES, we lived in a very traditional way.

I thought when growing up, we were so poor for not having most well-to-do families have like computer, fancy cellphones and even a landline. But it taught me more character that living a simple life is the best way to have a comfortable life.

But moving to United States is a whole different story. We need a car to get somewhere (no public transportation  where we live now) , we don’t have expensive house but we’re so proud to call it a “home”. We might have nice clothes or shoes but  we do find good deals from big sale items, clearances or garage sales or going to Goodwill store in short, we are living frugally. And  the one thing that teaches us the most is living our family life based on necessity and not luxury.

But they say, you should treat yourself with good stuffs to feel how life really is. But for me, it’s all up to us on how we’re going to live our lives. If treating ourselves with a lot of material things and all these stuffs but then our prize would be a horrible debts, I would say, NO THANKS! Why would I gamble my peace of mind for a short piece of happiness? We find an alternative ways to live our lives comfortably without costing us too much money. And this is the reason why I have this page on my website.


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