One decision I now regret

I’m looking for an appropriate photo for this post and I ended up having this clock. It’s funny that my last post was about being grateful (and I really do!) for small and big things that happen in life each day and yet here I am blogging about a decision I made that now makes me regret.

Our daughters are one of the best things that happened to my life. I love them to pieces even though they test my parenting skills sometimes. But lately, I’ve been thinking what if we have a couple more, or at least one? I was 25 when I had our youngest daughter Olivia. My husband and I decided not to have more kids because, raising children here is not that cheap. So I told my doctor our decision but he asked if I was sure about it. I said yes. Having two kids only a year apart was hard at first (Marie just learned how to walk when she had a little sister). The first three years was challenging for my husband and I, but I’m glad we did it.

Every time I meet  someone who just had a baby or expecting, there’s a sad feeling inside me. How I wish I’m in their position right now. I was young (a lame excuse, I guess!) and wasn’t thinking well when I made that decision of not having more kids. I came from a big family and I feel like my decision years ago is now hitting me.

Lately, I’ve been reading parenting forums trying to find out if it’s still possible for me to have another one after the surgery I had. The answer is yes. Through a procedure and sometimes it just happens naturally.

Maybe I’m thinking too much of it because I simply love kids. I love holding babies and honestly, I miss those times taking care of a newborn. But now matter what, I’m happy with what I’ve got. Two wonderful daughters that always make my day (always look at the bright side, right?).


Being grateful

The school is out and that only means, the girls and I will be together day in, day out for the entire summer! A good thing there are tons of fun activities we have for them. Going to the pool, library, outdoors, celebrating their birthdays (both of them are summer babies!), and tagging along with me whenever I go places.

We are grateful for doing these things. We let the girls enjoy each day like letting them watch their favorite show in the computer, drawing, playing, and most importantly, reading.

I’m also grateful that I attended my first book expo last Saturday at The Bookworm in Omaha. It was fun for selling a few copies of my book. I got to see my friends and relatives there. I was also happy to meet fellow local authors and talked a little bit about our work. I met authors of different backgrounds. There was a painter, a career mom with a stay-at-home husband, a businessman who like YA (young adult) novel, and a lady who writes about grief.

The most fun part of the book expo was meeting people even though they didn’t buy a copy of my book, but knowing a little bit about them is something I appreciate the most. One lady told me she didn’t want to buy my book because she didn’t think she could read it. She just lost her husband a year ago and reading my story (including how my husband and I met) wouldn’t be easy for her which I completely understand. So I just gave her my business card and told her just in case she’s ready, she knows what my book title is or she can contact me if she wants to.

I’m so grateful in life because I always believe that sometimes the small things take up the most space in our heart.

I hope you’re all having a great start of the week!

Happy Monday, everyone!!!


What my summer will look like

The girls yesterday enjoying watching their favorite show on YouTube!

Last Tuesday was the last day of school. The girls hang around with me all day yesterday and for the next three months, we will be together full-time! Marie can sleep in all morning and we can run errands altogether. One thing is for sure, just like my schedule, I’ll keep theirs busy. The library has tons of activities for kids all summer like reading, crafts, lego, movies, etc. while I’ll be working there on and off, or whenever they need me. I’ll let the girls spend more time outside. They love to visit our next door neighbor. They also love to play with our other neighbor’s dog. The most exciting thing in their mind right now is to spend time in the public pool.

On the other hand, I’ll be busy too working on selling and promoting my book, Pesos to Pennies. I want it to be available at stores. That’s a milestone for any author to see your self-published book at bookstores or any store. I started calling places in Fremont on how to get my book into their store. I have an appointment at one store on Monday morning about it and the possible book signing which I’m really excited about! I have to meet a librarian in Fremont on Friday morning to sell my book.

On Saturday afternoon, I’ll attend my first book expo at The Bookworm in Omaha. I’ve never been to that place but I googled the direction and it looks like it’s easy to find and I can drive just by myself. This summer, I’ll be driving many miles to go places. I just got a confirmation from the organizer of Nebraska Book Festival that I can join their event in July!

My summer is also filled with doctor/dentist appointments, finding host families for exchange students, cleaning our house and hopefully, more book signings!