Daylight Saving Time effect

Time change has always effect on me. An hour gain or lose means a week of sleeping adjustment. A friend told me that our body takes its time for time change. It’s one day for every hour sleep difference which I completely agree. The first time I arrived here eight years ago, it took me at least a week to adjust with my sleeping. Now that we have Daylight Saving Time, I’m still having a hard time to adjust. The time change started last early Sunday morning. sleeping in was great but the day seems shorter because it gets dark early. Last morning morning I woke up at 4:15 am. My alarm goes off at 5:30 am. That night, I started getting tired before 9 pm. I went to bed before 10 pm and yesterday morning I woke up before 5 am. At work I wasn’t feeling good at all, with this body clock change and back muscle pain I endured from lifting a heavy box last weekend.

Last night at 9 pm, I was reading a book to Marie and fell asleep in her room. I woke up at 3:30 am and decided to do unfinished chores I wanted to do that night. I did dishes, start the laundry, pick up the house, check emails, make to-do list, and start writing this blog.

I know it will take a couple more days for me to get used to this time change but I have to train myself not to sleep too early so that I won’t wake up two hours before my alarm goes off.

It’s almost 5 am and my husband is up too.

And my day is going…

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Things I’m working on

Happy Halloween, guys, or to whoever celebrate this “huge event.” We took the girls to trick-or-treating tonight and Holy bucket! Buckets (yeah with an S) of candies will assuredly make them happy for weeks! It’s crazy to think though how the year is almost over. Gosh, it’s November 1st tomorrow!

Anyway, during my stay-at-home days when I was uber productive, I set a goal to myself of doing this and that within a certain period of time. And you guess it, most of them are unmet.

  • I slowed down on working on my book (marketing wise)
  • I didn’t finish the first draft of my second book which is bummer!
  • I stopped exercising
  • I’m not as productive as I used to be
  • Procrastinating
  • Staying up late
  • Cramming in the morning

I hate to find an excuse to blame something for these. My motivation went down. Maybe it’s because of my jobs. Or the endless errands I do every week. Or commitments I couldn’t turn down. But one thing is for sure, it’s mostly depend on me. I spend so much time on my computer (internet surfing, Facebook, etc.). Internet is one of my weaknesses. I felt I couldn’t live without it. It’s part of my daily life which I think a good and a bad thing.

I talked to a friend who I know as a very productive person when it comes to organizing and cleaning her home. I asked her for a tip. She said make a list of chores I want to do in a certain day. For example, laundry. I could do it on specific days so that it won’t be hard on me when Saturday comes. This what happens when I get overwhelmed with chores. Instead of tackling it, usually I leave it except dishes and laundry, of course.

When it comes to exercising, I quit right after I started working full-time. I always feel tired every time I get home from work. I feel every time I get home all my energy for that is completely gone. But the good news is my weight is still the same but still, I know how important a daily exercise is. Like many procrastinators, I always tell myself that tomorrow or in a few days I will start. But I should reinforce it and hopefully, on my next blog post I’m back on it again!

I know how important sleep is and since I have to get up before 6 am, I should go to bed before 10 pm. But of course, it never happens. I like it when my family is all fall asleep. I enjoy the quietude and make myself time for reading (yes a habit that I keep!). My goal is to have at least 7 hours of sleep a night and I’m good. But lately I’ve been only getting 7 or less which affects my mornings.

But I hope these coming days, things get better so that I feel my life is more organized just like before.

I hope this week is treating you good!

Gladys S.


Last week right after I clocked in at work, I went to my boss’s office to give my resignation. That morning, he was in shock, of course. I’ve been only working for over two months at the company and there I was sitting across his desk telling him that this workplace is not for me. Over the years, with all the jobs I had, even though I didn’t like a couple of them, I liked the flexibility it offered to our family. As a mother of two young daughters, this is the most important thing I’m asking from a company I’m working for.

As new to my job and being a working mother, everything was overwhelming. The first month, I had to get off early and missed a whole day at work because of sick daughters. I’m a type of person who dislikes missing work. I can still force myself to come in to work even though I’m not feeling the best. It’s the work ethic I’ve learned for years. I always feel guilty that my absence would affect other coworkers. And I don’t like that. I explained to my boss that I don’t want to be a burden one of these days and taking a day off from work seems so hard. I contained myself not to cry in front of him. Because knowing myself, I don’t quit in a game right away. But after talking with my husband and self deliberation about quitting my job, I started typing my resignation letter.

I already contacted the librarian to see if I could come back to work even if it’s only part-time. She was so happy and said yes. But that morning when I talked to my boss at work about my resignation, he didn’t accept my decision right away. He didn’t even read the letter I wrote. He promised me that they’d work with my schedule and told me to think more about my resignation. That he wanted to talk to me a few days later and then tell him my decision.

I was in firm emotion that morning when I was handing him my resignation that no matter what he said or offered, still I would quit. I was ready to leave the company. I changed my mind the next morning. He had my other two coworkers to get trained to learn how to do my job, just in case I’m gone or need a time off, the pressure on me would be off too. He also lowered my sales quota which surprised me because I didn’t want my resignation be a leverage to gain something out of it. I wasn’t asking for a certain benefits or pay increase. As a working mother, all I want is flexibility. I told my boss that I have other life too. My world doesn’t only revolve at work. I have family and social life. Yes, I’m a reliable worker but not too dedicated. I value balance between work and life.

I remember back in July when he was interviewing me, he asked what are the three most important things I consider to take the job I was applying for. My answer was short: Work, company, boss & coworkers. He then asked to explain my answer. I told him for me to stay in a job, I should like the job itself. Then how the company treats its employees like me is also a deciding factor for me to keep the job. And lastly, no matter how I like my job and how nice the company to me, if I don’t get along with my boss and coworkers, I still won’t keep the job.

Right now, I’m liking my job more and I get along with my boss and coworkers. Our boss is nice to us. The only thing I need to stay with this job is to always have flexibility.

Photo: I bought food from Chinese restaurant and got this fortune cookie. I like what I got!

Have a positive and happy day, my readers!

Gladys Starkey