Kids + full-time job

I promised myself I wouldn’t let this day over without blogging. I know it’s been almost two weeks since my last blog, but please bear with me as these past few days were super busy. With my full-time job, the girls are back to school, and doing my part-time job (exchange students), my previous weeks were a little bit out of control. I tried to write my blog at work but for some reason, it’s either I was hit by writer’s block. But I’m hoping starting today, I’ll be back on track. To be honest with you, I haven’t done writing (for my second book) or reading as much as I wanted to except Amy Morin’s upcoming book in mid-September (because I’m part of her launch team).

I expected this situation I have every weekdays. Busy and tired. Just to let you know, my husband and I are both working full-time. I only work on weekdays and he works from Monday through Saturday. At work, we have an hour lunch. I do my errands during that time because I have to pick up the girls from daycare. If I’m running late or have to meet an exchange students/host family after work, our neighbor is always there to help us. But sometimes when my husband gets off work early, he picks up the girls so I don’t have to. This is our setup. It takes a little while to get used to it, but we’re working on it.

I love an organized home but most of the time, our house becomes a little bit chaotic. I lost tracking my time for a few days now, which makes me feel bad. I want to be productive and my day is always in order. I can’t even find my notepad (misplaced?) for that. So on weekdays, I start my day before 6 a.m. and ends at 10 (or 10:30) p.m. if there are some things I have to finish like  typing this. Although I’m not a clean freak, I always love to see our home neat and clean before we go to bed. I feel my mind is in turmoil when I see our messy house in my head. Tonight, I finished the dishes, did the laundry, and swept the floor. I did it because it would help me to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing morning.

To make our day easier, we always have our clothes, book bags, shoes, and my lunch bag ready the night before. It can be stressful when you do those things in the morning. Also, the girls take a bath the night before while I do it in the morning and we have a “mud room” where their book bags, sweaters, and shoes (photo above) are by the kitchen door. It saves us time when they know all they have to do in the morning is to grab those before heading out the door.

I make breakfast too because we enjoy sitting together at the table in the morning and at night. These past few days too, my husband has been joining us eating breakfast which we like because, hey, it’s nice and we save money too!

I’m also working on going to bed before 10 p.m. so that I can wake up between 5-5:30 a.m. I got used to wake up 6 a.m. or after  (result of staying home for one year!).

Anyway, I want to thank you for checking my blog event though it wasn’t updated with new post. My busy time of the year was over (placing exchange students) and now, everything will be back to normal.

I hope you’re having a fantastic start of the week!

Gladys Starkey

I’m practicing more frugality

Now that I started working, being frugal is one of the things I will keep doing. Unlike when I used to work as a receptionist at the collection agency four years ago, our daycare cost now will not that expensive. Gas money and daycare are the expenses that we have to pay each month for taking my this new job. My workplace is close to restaurants and sometimes, it’s tempting to go eat out. To stay away from that, I always bring food with me for lunch and something to snack on. Since I started this job, I only ate out twice for lunch and that’s when my husband in town and got off work early. We usually go to Runza restaurant which is less than five minutes from my workplace. Both of us order a Runza sandwich which only cost us less than $10.

What I’ve learned from frugality is equating it with life’s happiness. Although I could choose to stay at the company’s break room to enjoy the cheaper meal I brought with me, but having lunch with my husband for a limited time is something worth every dollar we will spend on meals. And besides the food we order is not that expensive. This is not every day thing we will do and with that, I’m okay with it because I am frugal, not a cheapskate.

Anyway, I also enjoy packing my lunch at work. Usually, I have a sandwich, fruits, or yogurt. I don’t have to eat a lot at lunch time because I eat good in the morning. I always eat breakfast at home and snacks on something (almonds or a banana!) in late morning at work.

The goal this year is to be wise on spending money and packing lunch at work is one way to do it!

Gladys Starkey

Going back to work after a year off

Please be patient with me for not writing too often on this blog. But I promise these coming days, my schedule will be more settled…and slower (hopefully!). As my last post, the main reason why I didn’t blog much lately was because of the very busyyyy schedule I have. My other job involving exchange students and the new job I just started a couple weeks ago. Plus, the school year started today and getting used to this routine takes time.

I found a job at the newspaper in Fremont as a classified and sales specialist. Tomorrow is the official day I’ll be working just by myself. My main job is to help clients with their advertisement needs. Like any other new job, things go overwhelming at first because of the training we have to go through. I know it’s premature to say I like this job but I really do. It’s not going to be a monotonous job. Each day will seem like a challenge because of the different ads and projects I will handle. But don’t get me wrong, I will still keep blogging and writing. I’m still planning to publish my second book but for now with all what’s going on, I set it aside and hopefully I’m back at it again.

I decided to look for a job in mid-July. It was those moments when I was pondering about my life. The girls will be both in school full-time. So I submitted a couple job applications and luckily I got interviews. I applied for positions that were business-related because after all these years, I want to use my college degree. That’s why I was so grateful to get a job offer in less than a month. Everything seemed went fast. I had to buy a few office clothes because I didn’t have much including slacks that I got rid of since I quit my receptionist job four years ago. And even working shoes! Now I’m good from head to toe (wink!).

A couple people, though, asked how I got this job. I know I don’t have much experience but this is where we should perform so well during the job interview. We see ourselves as a marketable product and always be sincere during the Q & A portion. It was almost an hour interview for me but my interviewer (now my boss) was really nice and I felt so comfortable talking to him.

This going to be a great year for me and my family. Plus the girls are so happy to be back in school!

I hope you’ll have a fantastic week, my readers!

I’ll blog more often once our routine is in rhythm. I promise!

Gladys Starkey