Hello Everyone!

First, I want to thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Gladys, a Filipina (Pinay in Filipino) and I’m originally from the Philippines. I married an American and moved in Nebraska, USA, in spring of 2009. We have two daughters named Marie and Olivia.

On my free time, I read, I blog and do other things that are productive.


Currently I have two part-time jobs— a local coordinator for foreign exchange students and a sub-librarian at the library where we live. I know how busy my life gets between my jobs and juggling two daughters, but writing is something I love to do the most. I often find myself writing my thoughts on the paper and that’s why I decided to start this blog in 2013.

I write different topics that I’m interested about—our simply living here in Midwest, raising our daughters, cooking, product reviews, pursuing my passion, fitness, and eating right.


My husband, Tim, and I used to have different jobs. I used to be a receptionist in a collection agency  which was my first job in this country. Tim used to be a truck driver for over a decade. He used to drive at night and gets home not until two o’clock in the afternoon. After we figured out how much it really cost us to go to work, we streamlined our options on how to get better financially. We took our girls to daycare  for a couple years but its cost wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world because half of my paycheck went to daycare bill. Basically my paycheck was to pay gas and daycare.

After we considered our choices, we both decided to work in town where we live. I gave up my clerical job to work at the convenience store as a kitchen crew member while Tim found a job at the school as custodian. Our decision was based on our family flexibility and practicality— our new jobs pay a little bit higher than our previous jobs.

We are living a simple life. Some people think we have money because of the life we have. For others may think we have a big house, driving nice cars and nice clothes but if they only knew, we got them as a foreclosure home, second-hand cars and scavenging Goodwill store for clothes or checking out clearance sections at the store. We make everything possible to save money but still we don’t live in deprivation. Once in a while we eat out and do something fun for our family.

Also I’m writing about our credit card debts because we were in debts for years and we’re so happy that we got out of it two years later. I am glad to share our experiences and stories with you about finding happiness in simplicity. Although like many of you, we’ve been to a lot of bumpy roads— endless bills, credit card debts, and some problems— but it’s okay because that’s how we all learn.

Other than this, I am pursuing my dream to become an author someday.

I will share with you how I live a simple, happy, and a healthy life in this country that now I consider my home.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!






  1. filwifey says:

    Hello, Gladys! Nice to find your blog – I was worried for quite some time that I am the only Pinay blogger in good old cornhusker state! (I kid, of course)

    I hope to meet you in person – there’s not a lot of kabayans here in my town.

    • Gladys says:

      Hi! thank you for stopping by. I’m hoping to meet you in person too! I’m trying to find fellow Filipino bloggers here and you’re the first one I meet. What town do you live in?

  2. belle says:

    sis,this a good articles that lots of information.im also a pinay wish you all the best and keep it up sis, just continue what you been started it helps other ppol what you been tell them,and GOD BLESS US ALSO

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