Our weekly savings

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I thought I’d post something even if it’s on weekend.

I was cleaning and thought about the number of savings we had this week.

So here they are!

  • I’ve been using Pantene brand for my hair shampoo and conditioner for years. Lately, I’ve been using Garnier shampoo, the Fructis kind that smells fruity! Heh. I got it from Baker’s weeks ago as closeout item. They were selling it for $5.49 regular price and guess what? I only paid for $1.65 for each bottle. I might sound like a hoarder but I bought seven of them! So I should be good until summer, maybe?

  • My daughter Marie and I baked a big pan of banana bread last week. We ended up sharing some of it with our neighbor and with the guys at the guard check where my husband works (because they love my banana bread!) and we kept the rest. For two days, I brought square pieces at work for my snack because I don’t want to buy something from the company’s vending machine.
  • I packed lunch at work most of the week. I brought either ham & cheese sandwich or heated a can of Progresso soup.
  • I used my fuel rewards when I filled up gas last Friday. I saved almost $4 that day and my car is full tank!
  • I ate a lunch buffet at KFC for free! I used the $10 gift card that my previous company gave me last Christmas. I kept the card because I still have a $1 and some change in it that I’ll be using when I go back.
  • I bought a dozen of donuts at my favorite donut shop during my hour lunch break at work last Friday. My husband didn’t have to work Saturday and I thought about having a “cheat day” aka donut day for breakfast is not really a bad thing, especially when I only paid for them 50% off!
  • Marie is such a great kitchen helper. She made us homemade taco tonight. She’s been begging for this these past few days so I let her take over the kitchen to make it for our supper. I did the chopping and dicing of lettuce and tomatoes though.
  • We activated my husband’s new phone this week but he kept the same number. He used to have a Tracfone. As a truck driver, my husband needs good coverage and unlimited minutes plan for an affordable price. This is something that Tracfone couldn’t provide. We shopped around and holy carrots! The guy from Sprint store told him the lowest plan my husband could buy was worth $100! That’s a lot of Benjamin Franklin for a single plan and that excludes the phone itself. I asked myself who pays for that kind of hefty price? For one phone? Sayonara, Sprint! We went to StraightTalk instead. For unlimited minutes plus phone is free, I’m sure my husband will stick with it for a long time. I’m keeping my Net10 though since I really don’t have to, but I might check on that too sometime.
  • Tomorrow we’ll go to a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. Gift giving is something I love to do especially for young kids at this age. I bought the birthday girl two pairs of cute outfit from a shopping store and I got great deals for price. Plus, I’m reusing a birthday gift bag that I saved from our daughters’ birthday parties. Toddlers especially one-year-olds because because they won’t remember any of these!

Happy savings, everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Gladys Starkey

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