My last day at work

Yesterday was my last day at the company that I’ve worked for for almost six months. I handed the office building key to my boss. Last day of work is somewhat mixed feelings. I was nervous but more excited looking forward to my new job that will start on Monday. I could’ve worked until today, Friday, but I decided to give myself a long weekend before I start my new job on Monday.  I developed rapport with some clients who advertised for their employment and other classified needs. It was a good experience for me to work for them but I know this job isn’t for me. I wish my now-previous company all the best to their endeavors while I will keep moving on with my life.

In other news, the girls were so happy this morning. I let them slept in longer than usual on weekday. Usually, I wake them up at 6am; this morning they woke up past 6:30. I also let them watch TV for a little bit while I was doing dishes that I left undone last night (I was too tired!). Their breakfast request was super easy. A bowl of cereal for Olivia and hard-boiled egg for Marie (yes, eggs!).

They wanted to walk to school this morning. They were insistent. Since the weather wasn’t bad, we walked to school. It’s nice to do this once again after driving them to daycare every morning.

 I dropped off my car at the body shop because there’s light coming on dashboard. They found out the alternator needs to be fixed. Our neighbor was nice enough to pick me up from the body shop with his car and we drove downtown Fremont to visit my friend’s store that sells unique items. We also drove by my previous workplace and my new company. We stopped by at my favorite donut place, Rise & Shine where we had donuts and a cup of hot coffee & drinks.

When I got home, I started cleaning the house and cooked the half dozen of egg rolls for my neighbor. The girls are excited this morning because I’ll be picking them up from school this afternoon. They’re excited because this doesn’t happen too often since I’m working until 5 pm.

I hope you all enjoy this weekend!

Gladys Starkey


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