I finally got my 2018 planner!

I know I’m two weeks late for owning a planner for this year, but I’m happy that I finally got one! I always have a planner every year, or else, my schedule would be crazyyy! I need this because as a family of four, we have various appointments each week and it keeps my sanity to know that I’m not missing anything.

Some people prefer writing their appointments on their phone or computer calendar but I’m a paper person. I like to see my own writing and cross it out, if necessary. It’s convenient and works great for me. My planner is not super-fancy. I buy mine at the famous Walmart. My planner is bigger than last year’s. I won’t have any problem carrying it because it fits perfectly in my purse.

The month of January is starting to fill up but it won’t be that bad. So far, February is looking better because  I can’t think of any appointment for the four of us which is good.

I hope you all have a great start of the week!

Gladys Starkey


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