After five months, I’m quitting my job to do something else

This time of last week, I found out I got the job at one company that I applied for. I felt ecstatic because with a couple online jobs application I submitted, I didn’t even make it to an interview; much to my dismay, not even getting a phone interview.

I’m a believer of saying ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ I really do.

In job searching, we should always be hopeful to get it whenever an interview takes place.
A couple weeks ago, I started looking for another job. After going back to work in August as full-time, I was so excited. The first couple months was a test for me. I gave my resignation to my boss at one point, but he made me to stay. I’m lucky to have a good boss so I told myself, I’d give myself another chance because I was thinking I was probably at a point of learning my job and a few adjustments to deal with. But three months later I found out the job is not for me. Yes, I have a good and very professional boss. My coworkers are nice too, but I want to do something else that I know I’ll enjoy my work more. Even though I haven’t started yet, I already know that my new job will be fun!
I won’t forget that morning of last week while I was heading to my boss’s office, a few minutes after I clocked in. My heart was beating fast. I was nervous yet happy for the outcome of that meeting because I knew that I would be firm with my decision. A decision that wouldn’t change by any means because I already accepted the job offer from my new employer the night before.

My boss wasn’t happy as expected just like most bosses who get an unexpected resignation from employees. But I had to move on and follow my heart. He asked given questions like why? what’s my new job gonna be like? and if it was because of the pay? Although my new job pays higher, pay wasn’t really my main motivation of quitting. I just have no excitement each day of coming to work and I’m not quitting because of a bad experience or something. This job is simply not for me. Period.

My husband joked that I should stop being a job hopper! He wanted to me like that!

In eight years of living here, this is my seventh job. Yes, the magic number 7! I’m still keeping my job as a local coordinator for exchange students though.

We changed jobs for various reasons—career growth, family or life circumstances, location, bosses, money, promotion, etc., etc. Whatever it is, it should be a decision that we consulted with our inner feeling. I learned how to trust my gut and I’m sure that it’s time for me to walk away from my current job.

Probably, my new job won’t be that much of difference from what I’m doing now because first, it’s also an office job minus selling, placing an ad, answering circulation calls and from to time, delivering a paper.  When I was sitting at the HR Director’s office for my interview last week, I had a feeling that I will enjoy it. Every time I think my start date, I get excited. The company is expanding, pay good, with good benefits, good company reviews, and it’s expanding. And I want to be part of it.

Quitting one job can either be painful or we could care less. I’ll miss my coworkers and clients who’d I built a rapport with. But I know I have to listen what my heart is telling me. And going somewhere is the best decision I have to do for now.

As they say, we should do what makes us happy and as of this moment, working for another company is what makes me happy.

Have a warm week, my friends!

Gladys Starkey

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