2017 Year in review

It is true that many times I felt days were longer yet the year is short. It’s 2018 everyone and just like that, all we could do is to look back how we spent year 2017!

Can you believe that?

To summarize our year, we had a great one.

-I’ll start off with the girls who are now both attend full-time at school (Marie is a second-grader and Olivia is a kindergartner!). It’s interesting how different it is not having a child at home from morning until late afternoon on weekdays. They like school  a lot which is a good thing.

-My husband and I both got new jobs! My husband still does truck driving. Later this year, he switched company that gives him better hours…and pay. I also went back to work full-time. Two years ago, right after we came back from our Philippine vacation, I decided to quit my custodial job to pursue my writing and to stay home full-time. It was great to be home with our daughters who didn’t have to attend daycare. I was enjoying it the first few months. The house was always tidy and the miles I put in on walking were crazy (sometimes 6 miles a day!) but when I published my book and the girls started school this year, I thought staying home for a year was enough for me. Although I loved it but I knew it was time for me to go back to work as full-time. And I found working at the newspaper place in Fremont which I’ve been with them for five months now. Yey!

-We rarely got sick this year. Health is really important to me. I’m so glad that the girls didn’t have any problem except Olivia got pink eye one morning and missed a day of school and Marie ran temperature. There was no hospitalization needed and I accept the fact that no matter how hard I try to feed them good, virus/bacteria have ways of sneaking in. I never got sick either except mild temperature and headaches which I found out it was due to lack of sleep, not drinking too much water and not eating enough protein! My husband did a few doctor visits though but nothing really serious. I just hope this year, his health will be better and better!

-I published my memoir! I was so happy that I published my first book, Pesos to Pennies. After working on it for two years, my immigration story was told. It was a big project for me but somehow I’m so proud to prove myself that tackling this book writing is possible with dedication and focus. (Please check it out here!)

-I worked as a sub-librarian at the public library.

-I attended a few book signings

-I gave a speech at the church

-I work with three exchange students.

-I’ve learned more about relationships.

-My second book is under progresssss…

Things to work on…

-time management

-setting goals

-setting priorities/commitments

-read more books. I need to invest time on reading. I reinforce to our daughter the reading habits, yet I slip away most of the time. But starting today, I’ll read even if it’s only 30 minutes a day.

-finish the first draft of my second book. I’m still in the process of collecting all ideas and to put them together is where the real work on book writing is. I just need an uninterrupted time to sit down and go over my draft and let the work begin!

-be more spiritual

-be more consistent on exercising

-manage our finances well.

-enjoy life more!

I hope you’re all having a great start of the year!

Gladys Starkey


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