The joy of Christmas

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I couldn’t wait my day at work was over last Friday to get home. The girls were happy to stay the long weekend with us. My husband had to spend overnight at one place on Friday night and we didn’t see him until Saturday morning. He was happy too because he’ll stay home until today.

Last Saturday, the girls and I went at friend’s house for a small gathering. We had Filipino food (as usual) then we went to watch a movie at the theater. We watched Jumanji which by the way is a recommended movie. I watched this many times when I was so *young* and I guarantee you watching this again is worth the laugh! The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black, they’re quite funny characters!

We drove home past 10 pm because the girls didn’t want to leave yet because their friends were there. I didn’t realize it was snowing. A good thing the road wasn’t that bad.I drove slowly (35-40 mph). This is the good thing of driving late at night, no traffic at all. Although it’s nerve racking to drive in snow but I get comfortable over time. And since I had the girls with me, I always make sure I’m courageous enough to take us all home safe. I was so glad that we made it even though it took us long to get home.

We slept in Sunday morning. We didn’t even go to church that day. We decided to stay home and pick up the house. My husband moved some snow while I finished wrapping presents in the basement. That night, we opened a couple presents. The girls opened the presents we gave them. They got their Descendants dolls. Marie asked for Evie and Olivia asked for Mal. We also bought them a DVD movie. For those of you who don’t know who these characters are, Mal is the daughter of Maleficent. The story of villians’ kids who want to spread cruelty, meanness, etc. And yes, our daughters love the movie…

And Maybe because of the dancing, singing, and the characters’ bright hair colors!

The girls are so happy because they got more presents than they’ve expected.

Part of the presents we gave them is new toothbrush. Our neighbor instead of giving them toys,  the girls got cash. Our neighbor also gave my husband and I cash. My husband got *cool* presents from me and the girls. I gave him travel coffee mug and thermos insulated beverage bottle that he can use while trucking. I also bought him a pillow and blanket that he can keep in his truck if he has to stay somewhere overnight, plus I gave him Dove men’s gift set which he gets every Christmas from me.

Although, cards are enough for me but still I got something from my family and friends. I’m happy with what I’ve got. Most of them are food (chocolates and cake) and I’m enjoying every bite of it!

I called my family in the Philippines. I’m so happy to hear that they’re having a good one too. Although their Christmas is different from here, but the spirit and joy of it are just the same. Opening presents is not that much emphasized because they’d rather to get some money than gifts.

On Christmas Eve, we watched the Descendants movie while enjoying a bowl of popcorn. My husband and I were laughing for watching that movie. To tell you the truth, my husband fell asleep and didn’t finish the whole movie he had to watched the part he missed.

On Christmas Day, we just stayed home and invited our the two grandpas to have lunch with us. I cooked all morning and we enjoyed baked ham, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, veggies and pie. I got so tired in the afternoon that I fell asleep.

I hope you had a great Christmas, everyone!

Gladys Starkey

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