32 things…

Last Friday I turned 32. Our company gives us a Birthday day off that we can use right on our birthday or the month of our birthday. So I used it last Friday. I ended up having a three-day celebration with my family and friends (eating out, dinner with friends, and a birthday party). Nothing fancy but doing what I love—going at the Asian Market on Friday morning right after my dentist appointment, having lunch with friends at China buffet then we went to a casino which was my second time (I was asked for an ID for looking under 21!), cooking all Sunday morning for my birthday party with friends.
For some people, adding another year means getting old. But for me, I’m embracing it! Although a couple people said I have to wait until I turn 50 and see how I still liking it.
How I see age is all about gaining wisdom year after year. Over the years, as I became a woman, a wife and a mother, my outlook in life changed. And it keeps changing (in positive term) as time goes by. I listed 32 things I learned in life that very important to me.

1. Always be grateful and be kind
2. Stay young and always keep that inner child in us. Be childlike, not childish.
3. Treasure true friends; they’re hard to find.
4. Appreciate Mother Nature
5. Value time
6. It’s okay to show flaws
7. It’s okay people see us in our weakest moment
8. Keep some secrets
9. Money contributes to peaceful mind so spend it mindfully
10. Never intimidate by someone’s “title.” They’re just a title.
11. Be adventurous
12. Be friends with people regardless of their age, likes, social status, sexual orientation, etc.
13. Spend quality time with loved ones; connect with old friends
14. Have alone-time once a week
15. It’s fine not to own expensive things
16. Try different delicacies
17. Pamper yourself once in a while (especially on your birthday!)
18. Read children’s book once in a blue moon
19. Share ideas
20. Have a new tradition every year
21. It’s okay to eat sweets and junk foods from time to time
22. Sing a song even you’re out of tune (who cares anyway, right?)
23. It’s acceptable to be mad once in a while as long as it’s reasonable
24. Accept criticisms constructively
25. Dream big even if it sounds impossible and crazy. It’s free!
26. Never let someone feel small
27. Avoid negativity (negative self-talk, gossip, what-ifs questions, etc.)
28. Believe in fate and good and bad karma
29. It’s okay to say NO to people without feeling guilty
30. We can’t make everybody and the whole universe always happy…and that’s fine.
31. To be confident, first know your self-worth
32. Live life on your own terms!

Keep loving life, my friends!

Gladys S.

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  1. Marie says:

    I like the list Gladys. I share so many with you. So meaningful. Happy belated birthday. May you continue to be blessed with good health and your big pure heart.

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