Our Christmas tree is up!

Our Christmas tree is up!

We usually wait a week after we celebrate Thanksgiving before we put up our Christmas tree but this year, our girls couldn’t wait for it. I was cleaning our bedroom last weekend afternoon when our daughters asked me to come out for a “surprise.” Of course, they guided me and asked to close my eyes. I’d seen Christmas decorations on the floor and they told me they would start decorating.

In the Philippines, we start our Christmas decoration sometime in September which my husband would never let me do here. He always tells me we should do it right after Halloween & Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations in September is TOO earlyyyyy!

We always let them do the decorations.

We’re thinking putting some Christmas lights outside but my husband’s dilemma is not having electrical outlet.

One thing is for sure, the girls are so happy and excited for Christmas!


Gladys Starkey