Lavish them with time and memories

Even though my husband and I work full time all week. As parents we have no guilt at all of how many hours we spend time with them because we still manage to have  quality time with our daughters. Although it is true that our daughters spend more time with me than my husband because he works six days a week. He starts his day too early while both girls are still sleeping and usually comes home past 5 o’clock at night. I don’t feel obliged to compensate for any time he should spend with them girls because they know that what their father’s doing is for our family. But too often it happens that they miss him dearly that I let them hang out together during my husband’s free time or day off like taking them to the store and buying something not so expensive.
Our daughters’ happiness is not expensive. We are still in control on everything they demand. Just like the other night when Olivia, our youngest daughter, wanted us to buy her an Iphone (yes you read it right, an Iphone!). She’s 6 years old and yet asking us for this. She said her classmate has one. I don’t know how true is that for a kindergartner to have one, but I find it shocking because neither my husband nor I own one. Anyway, that Iphone request is not happening. They have all the resources they need to be thankful for each day. Like having a caring parents and attention they need. 
It is also true that they don’t own Ipad and other expensive items like clothing or toys. We want them to learn later in life that happiness doesn’t solely depend on those things. That by giving them attention, time and love are something they have to treasure that won’t escape their memories.

As a frugal person, I have no hesitation of spending money on them on things that I know they will remember forever. Like taking them to their friends’ birthday parties and having so much fun, eating at a restaurant, grocery shopping, doing their Math homework, reading, or watching a movie in a theater for the first time. These things are cheaper and yet priceless in the end.

It’s a two-way street. I get the same happiness when they tell me “It’s the best day ever, Mommy!” when we do inexpensive things like these together.

Have a great start of the week, my readers!

Gladys Starkey