My sanctuary during lunch break

At work, we get one hour lunch break and to be honest with you, I don’t need much of that time to eat my lunch (just most of you). I can finish eating my food in less than 20 minutes even though I’m a self-proclaimed slow eater. So I always want to make most of my time on lunch break by doing something productive like reading, making phone calls, do my to-do list, grocery shopping or running errands. But these past few days, I’ve been spending my lunch break at the library which is only less than five minutes drive from work. Most of the time, I have a sandwich for lunch so I can eat it in the car quick or eat it while I’m driving.

I promised myself to keep on working on my second book and by going to the library is one way to make it happen. Most of the time I bring my laptop with me just in case I can’t use a library computer with email accessibility.  I write on a Word document and/or Google document.

I like going to the library because for some reason, I get more writing done. I think the quietude of the environment helps and I always get me into writing more! I get more focused and it seems all the ideas keep pouring in. Just like my first book, I wrote in everywhere—at home, at the library and at the restaurant.

I try to write at least 200 words in that limited time frame and I’m so happy that even though it’s not much, but still, I’m moving forward on this second project. There were times, too, where I only wrote a few sentences then decided to read something or checked find useful book at the library’s book sale section. I know it will take time for me to finish this but I’m enjoy doing this.

I hope you find something enjoyable things to do this weekend and have a safe weekend off!

Gladys Starkey


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