Daylight Saving Time effect

Time change has always effect on me. An hour gain or lose means a week of sleeping adjustment. A friend told me that our body takes its time for time change. It’s one day for every hour sleep difference which I completely agree. The first time I arrived here eight years ago, it took me at least a week to adjust with my sleeping. Now that we have Daylight Saving Time, I’m still having a hard time to adjust. The time change started last early Sunday morning. sleeping in was great but the day seems shorter because it gets dark early. Last morning morning I woke up at 4:15 am. My alarm goes off at 5:30 am. That night, I started getting tired before 9 pm. I went to bed before 10 pm and yesterday morning I woke up before 5 am. At work I wasn’t feeling good at all, with this body clock change and back muscle pain I endured from lifting a heavy box last weekend.

Last night at 9 pm, I was reading a book to Marie and fell asleep in her room. I woke up at 3:30 am and decided to do unfinished chores I wanted to do that night. I did dishes, start the laundry, pick up the house, check emails, make to-do list, and start writing this blog.

I know it will take a couple more days for me to get used to this time change but I have to train myself not to sleep too early so that I won’t wake up two hours before my alarm goes off.

It’s almost 5 am and my husband is up too.

And my day is going…

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!