Our daughters’ typical weekend

My husband and I have full-time jobs. We have routine on weekdays. The girls are happy whenever he’s off in one of those days to pick them up from school or daycare. When they come home, we let them play, watching shows on our cellphone or their tablet but most importantly, it’s mandatory that they do their homework first and read a book every night.

On weekends, their schedule doesn’t change much except help us clean the house and go somewhere (groceries, get-together, visit neighbor,¬† errands, etc.). Even though they don’t like cleaning much, we let them know that it’s part of the schedule. Weekend supposed to be a time for us to unwind from a hectic weekdays, but we always have something for them to do. We do a study review, drawing, writing and reading time which they never complained. Because we don’t want them to get bored, I also ask them to do other things cooking and baking. We want them to be productive as much as possible. Although from time to time they resist to do things we ask them to do especially¬† cleaning, but they know the routine.

Two important lessons I’ve learned right after I got out of school, education and learning about other responsibilities are a requirement to live in a real world.

Have a great and safe weekend, everyone!


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    • Gladys says:

      That’s very true! Even though our daughters complain from time to time, but they they know they’re learning something important that will benefit them someday. Hope you’re having a great week, Marie!

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