They have time for “gadgets”

During school year, we always make sure our girls focus hard on their studies. Although, I have no plans on being a “tiger mom” to them someday, I want our daughters value their education as how I valued mine. Why? With the great education they get from a public school here is something every kid should not be taken advantage of.
But of course, life is not all about school, books, and studies. Sometimes we have to take a break from that. My high school and college classmates once called it “unwind” time. Not in expensive terms or whatsoever except enjoying ourselves by playing outside or hanging out at my classmate’s house.
Our time back then was so different from today’s kids’ time. For one, gadgets are part of almost every kid’s life. In our daughters’ case, it is. But not excessively. They spend a certain amount of time using it. I remember when I was at their age, the only “gadget” my siblings and I played was a Gameboy brick game (if you ever know what that is) that we only borrowed from a friend or a cousin. It’s just like yesterday knowing how it felt the happiness and excitement it brought to us. That single item that occupied our young mind. For some reason it allowed me to enjoyed my childhood more for doing different things other than studying all the time.

As a parent myself, the rule in our house right now is our girls are only allowed to use it once they’re done with their homework and a few chores we’ve given them. On weekdays the usage of it is very minimal. They whine (of course!) but that’s the rule we have for them because of more important things to get done like supper, bath time and reading time. But they get more time on weekends, if we’re only staying home.

For many parents like us, parenting is a challenge. We try not to be too strict or too lenient to them as long as there’s a balance on everything.

I hope your week started great!

Gladys Starkey