How I spend my weekdays

I finished this week with my typical day at work, errands, and a doctor’s appointment. The girls’s schedule is getting busy too. They have catechism (CCD) at the church every Wednesday, right after school. I’m so thankful that we have a friend that can take them to the parish center and pick them up. After school, the girls go to daycare until I come to pick them up which is usually 5:30 pm. If my husband gets off work early he picks them up, and that makes the girls happy as a bee because it doesn’t happen so often.

I had to get off early from work on Thursday afternoon to pick up the girls from school then take them back to Fremont for Marie’s doctor’s appointment. Everything went well except the flu shot they’d given her. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy at all leaving the doctor’s office. I took them to a Mexican restaurant across my workplace to have some chips, tacos, and pupusas (my new favorite!).

Marie and her entire class went to a field trip to attend a children’s book festival yesterday. We sent her $20 bill so that she could buy a book and have the author sign it. But when I came home, she never spent the money and asked why. She left her tiny shoulder bag at school for some reason (maybe because they were told not to bring anything to the field trip).

I try hard to make reading and writing be part of my week. Right now, I’m reading this great book titled The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. I started reading it last Monday and even though I just got done reading two chapters, I highly recommend this one. A great book to read! During my lunch break yesterday, I went back to the Mexican restaurant to have two pupusas (of course) and read a few pages.

I ended my weekday by going to Walmart yesterday after work to buy a few groceries. I did it since my husband was home early and picked up the girls from daycare. He made our supper ready by grilling some pork chops and hot dogs. Right now, we are good on groceries. I just don’t like going back to Fremont on weekend to do it. Usually, weekend is reserved for cleaning and family time.

I’m also getting ready for my speech I’m going to give at the church in town in a couple weeks. I’ll do a presentation and start doing some Powerpoint slides.

These are the highlights of my busy week.

I hope your week is doing good also!

Gladys Starkey




  1. Marie says:

    Same here, makes me feel mine is not so bad then. It’s def much of a challenge with little ones to care for and drive around to appointments. Will look into the book, thanks for the recommendation. Have a good weekend.

      • Marie says:

        Thanks Gladys. And I hope your talk goes well on Wednesday. And not to worry about wrong translation in your mother tongue, happens to the best. I speak Swahili as I was born in Tanzania. Sometimes I have a puzzled look when people back home use some big words (ones we don’t use in daily conversation) so it happens. I’ve lived abroad for too many years and I totally agree with you, we don’t forget our mother tongue (unless you were so young last time you spoke it). Have a good week.

  2. Gladys says:

    Hi Marie,
    The speech went well and we were so happy to meet new people. Can’t wait to do more speeches in the future.
    I hope you a great weekend.

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