Back to my exercise routine

For how many weeks now, I haven’t hit the treadmill like I used to. This afternoon after doing errands in Fremont, I decided to go for a walk outside. I know I miss the outdoor—the fresh air, the sound of nature, etc.

Between my full-time work and other social commitments, exercise is the surest thing I sacrificed. Even though my exercise wasn’t consistent, my weight is still in check. I think what helps is what I eat for the whole day and the errands I do during my lunch break. But I miss those days where I had at least half an hour exercise every day. For my consolation, I just remind myself all the productive things I’ve done for the day (work, tend to my family’s needs, chores, de-cluttering, etc.) to lessen my guilt.

Anyway, I’ll commit myself for the whole week to have daily exercise even if it’s only for 30 minutes. I might do it early in the morning or at night just to keep this routine going.

I’ll keep you updated. Promise.

I hope your week will be fantastic!


Gladys Starkey

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  1. Marie says:

    Yes, it can be so hard to find the right moment to work out but like you said, running errands etc keep you on your toes so it’s better than nothing. I love being in the nature and having a little dog really helps to force ourselves to get out there. You come home feeling physically and mentally great. Hope you get to keep it up. Happy Sunday x

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