A quick update…

Hello readers!

I won’t blog again until next week (Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday?). I found a full-time job and started last Wednesday (I’ll share more about it next time. Promise!). I’m still working on the new routine because this transition is not easy. I’m also busy with the foreign exchange student’s placement but thank goodness I’ll do a home visit after work tomorrow. And this weekend, I’ll get busy cleaning the house, visit a county fair and we’ll have a small birthday party for Olivia on Sunday.

This coming Monday, I’ll do a family orientation right after work. Then I’ll do exchange students’ orientation anytime next week once the students arrive. So I have to get their papers ready for that.

I promise my blogging schedule will be back to normal once this super busy time pass!

Thank you for bearing with me.

I hope you’re enjoying your day!


Gladys Starkey


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