Things that make me happy

In two weeks the school starts. The girls are (kinda yes and no) excited. We will do our back-to-school shopping today and that’s what makes them so excited! What makes me so happy every day is to spend time with them 24/7. We stay home, go to the library, visit our neighbor, run errands, do groceries, etc. Our bonding time is what I like the most. Once the school starts our schedules will be different. So we’re enjoying the time we don’t have to worry about going past their bedtime then wake up early the next morning.

I met someone (American) who married a Filipina. He lives a few miles away from our town. His wife is still in the Philippines and he went there a couple weeks ago. He just came back yesterday and stopped by at our house to drop off all the Goldilocks goodies (my favorite!) I asked him to buy me. The only time I can find these is when we go to the Asian Market in Omaha, if they have stock. He brought a bag full of Cheesy Ensaymada, Mamon, and Polvoron (different flavors). He didn’t take my payment because he said he’s happy for the two copies of my book I gave him. Anyway, he’s in the process of getting his wife come over here. I know the immigration policy is getting tougher and I hope they don’t encounter any problem.

Even though it’s hot out all the time, still, I enjoy our weather. We spend time outside if it’s not too hot and visit our neighbor with tons of tomatoes that we get for free!

We visited our longtime friend in Fremont yesterday because she had a birthday present for Marie. (She didn’t make it to the party.) It also happened that our friend’s birthday was a day earlier so we brought her presents and a card signed by the girls.

I have so many things that make me happy and be thankful for. This list is only a few of them!

I hope your Monday is doing great!

Gladys Starkey