Before the school starts

It’s crazy to think that three weeks from now, school starts! So far the girls are having so much fun. Although we try not to be “homebodies” but most of the time it’s hot out (80-90 degrees). We stay home 80% of the time. The girls enjoy other activities we do like going to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. They also went to their friends’ birthday parties. The week won’t go by without going to the library and once in a while, we go to the pool. Next week is Olivia’s 6th birthday and she has a couple plans for herself—a slumber or pool party. I don’t know where she got those ideas but we’ll see. Staying home with pizza and a cake sounds cheaper to me.

Also, their sleeping routine will be back to normal. They’ve been going to bed past 9 p.m. watching TV or playing. Needless to say, they always wake up at 7 a.m. We will do more reading and writing this week and if the weather won’t be too hot, we’ll be staying more outside.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer too!

Gladys Starkey