Our frugal week!

  • I dried towels outside. Instead of running the dryer for a few more minutes, I just hang them on the balcony since we had a hot weather these past few days.
  • Free vehicle fix! The vehicle I’m driving looked weird lately. The rear was dropped. It was something with the air suspension issue. It happened before and my husband just brought it to the mechanic for $20, which was cheap. That mechanic was busy to look at it and I wasn’t that excited to drive it somewhere with that kind of problem. So I called the other mechanic in town this morning and told him about the problem. I took the vehicle to his shop and he tried to fix. And guess what? He did for no charge!
  • Free tomatoes! Our neighbor’s tomato plants are starting to yield and having fresh tomatoes on the table is always part of our summer. We love it because, hey, they’re fresh and free!
  • Free $40 vouchers! The librarian gave Marie and Olivia vouchers for the upcoming county fair. Each voucher is $20 worth. We can use it on Olivia’s 6th birthday in first week of August where they can have rides, see farm animals, etc.
  • Free movies! The girls keep borrowing DVD movies from the library. Batman and Princesses are in high demand in our household. Going to a movie theater costs at least $6 per person plus food. This is why we love our library so much!
  • My $25 prize! I got my $25 Walmart gift certificate for placing 4th at the SPAM Cook-off last John C. Fremont Days. I’ll be using it to pay our groceries this week which I’m 100% positive that won’t cost much!
  • Leftovers!  We’ve been eating leftovers at home!

Have a happy and frugal week, everyone!

Gladys Starkey



  1. Monica says:

    Hi Gladys,

    New reader to your blog, enjoyed this post a lot. Hanging the towels outside reminds me very much of growing up as an immigrant as well. My mom always did that, and I would hold the basket with clothespins for her. Happy to read about others who are trying to live a simpler life as well.

    • Gladys says:

      Thank you, Monica, and welcome to my blog! I love hanging clothes outside but for now we only do it on the patio. My husband took down the clothesline a year ago.I’m hoping we can put it up next year.

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