How we celebrated Father’s Day

My husband had a day off last Saturday. All of us were happy because he always works on Saturdays. He wanted to celebrate Father’s Day by having a family day. He chose to go eat out at the Keno restaurant in Fremont for late lunch. He had cheeseburger steak while the girls and I enjoyed having sandwiches. He bought pull tabs keno for the girls and they won $3! He gave the girls a dollar each.

Then we went to Walmart for grocery shopping where we did more walking than we should  (to burn those calories?). The girls asked if we could stop by at the nearby Dollar Store to spend the dollar they got. He also bought himself a Father’s Day card because, darn it, I forgot to buy one! He wanted us to write on it so that he felt like it was Father’s Day. Ah ha ha!


The JC Penney store in Fremont is closing this month. My husband decided to go there on our way home. He wanted to buy new towels and if there are more good deals to buy. Unfortunately, he didn’t find “good deals” as he thought the prices are still in high dollar even though some items are already up to 70% discount. The store doesn’t accept coupons anymore because it’s closing. So we left the store without buying anything. Then we headed home.

We planned on going to church Sunday morning, but we all got up late.  That morning, I made sure my husband got his Father’s Day card from us. I wrote him a letter and the girls draw him something. My husband wanted to head back to Fremont at 8:30 so that he could drop off his paperwork where he works at for his weekly pay. Then we had breakfast at McDonald’s afterwards and then we went home.

I cleaned the house for a little bit while my husband rode his motorcycle (he said it’s part of his Father’s Day!) and the girls visited our neighbor.

Sunday was crazy busy. I went to a Filipino-American picnic in Omaha that afternoon while my husband took the girls to Fremont (at Keno again) with our friend to extend the Father’s Day celebration. It was a long and crazy weekend for all of us, but I’m glad we all had fun!

I hope you have a great start of the week, my friends!



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