Pesos to Pennies: Chapter 2—Wedding


In a couple weeks, my husband and I are celebrating our 9-year wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday when I remember how busy we were in my hometown, preparing for our “big” day. Our wedding was attended by three hundred people. It wasn’t fancy at all but just like a typical Filipino wedding, usually it becomes a big event because of many friends and families we have. I’ll own it. My husband didn’t bring anyone with him during our wedding. My family didn’t want me to get married in the U.S.

In my book, I discussed about our wedding, from preparation to renting my wedding gown, my husband’s suit, and the bridesmaids’ gowns. (So yeah, I don’t have a wedding gown in my closet just like other brides choose to do, keep it and save for their daughters.)

Most brides want to have a great wedding because it’s one of the special days of our lives. But way back then, I was already frugal. We did our  own wedding invitations and souvenirs and my grandmother gave us one big hog as a wedding gift. And our wedding ring? Gasp… no diamonds! Just plain gold rings with our names engraved on it.

We spent $3000 and that included everything, as in everything. Food, rental gowns, hotel, wedding rings, etc.  It’s also a win-win decision for my husband and I because (1) most of my family and friends were there at that day; (2) our Filipino wedding cost is way cheaper than getting married in America because I’m not sure if $3000 is enough for a church wedding here.

In the Philippines—especially in provinces—having a simple wedding is still can be expensive no matter how hard you try to keep it simple. Relatives, distant relatives, friends, friends’ friends, neighbors, and neighbors’ kids want to be part of it too. They could come over just with a verbal invitation. My husband thinks our wedding is different. The ceremony, veils, doves, pinning money on our gown and suit while dancing, souvenirs for guests, a glass of wine for guests, etc.

This is one chapter I decided to share in my book, and I hope people will see how wedding can be different from other culture.

Have a great and safe weekend, everyone!




  1. Dazele says:

    wow! hindi ko akalain na magkakaroon ka ng book.. pero talagang magaling ka na since college pa tayo…

  2. Marie says:

    It’s what I like about the book too, we get a glimpse of other cultures. As I’m married to a German, for us it was quite a mixed culture affair, and a wonderful one too!

    • Gladys says:

      Yes, it really is! We discover culture differences and beliefs and the great thing about it, my husband and I accept those differences no matter what. I hope you had a great weekend, Marie!

  3. Marie says:

    I couldn’t agree more, we both embrace all the differences. I had a nice weekend, thank you – I hope it was for you too.

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