Cheap ways to entertain kids this summer

Next Wednesday is the official day of Summer! I’m trying to keep our girls busy day in, day out. I don’t want them glued on TV or stuck in the house all day. I want their summer be fun in a cheap way.

Here are the cheap summer activities that our daughters enjoy:

Library visit. The girls’ week won’t pass without going to the library that offers different activities for kids this summer. Aside from borrowing books and movies, they also have crafts, building a Lego, and reading time for kids. The best part of this, it’s all free!

Swimming. There’s a public swimming pool in town that charges a reasonable price. I think it’s $3 per person/day and you can buy a family pass for a fair price too, but the girls choose to be in the small swimming pool that their daddy bought them. They’re having a blast every time they use it and the only thing we have to pay for is the water!

Drawing, reading, writing!

Ice cream. What is summer without visiting an ice cream parlor, right?

Water hose! The girls find joy holding a water hose, for some reason!

Watch a movie/ TV. The girls enjoy watching a movie on their computer.

Go to the playground/outdoors. The girls rarely say “no” to the playground and they like going there riding their bike!

Pet pets! We don’t have a pet at home but our neighbors and friends have dogs, cats, horse, and llamas! It’s like having a zoo owned by the community…and it’s free to enjoy them!

Cooking. The girls love being in the kitchen to help me cook. A simple mixing or putting ingredients bring smile to their little faces!

Bonding time. Kids appreciate when we spend time with them. A time well-spent even though it’s not that grand is something they will treasure. Let them use their imagination. The girls come up with funny ideas, and watching a movie on their computer under the dining table? Why not?

I know there will be a few more things to be added on this list, but for now this how our daughters’ days look like.

I hope your day is getting summery!

Gladys Starkey

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  1. Marie says:

    Such great ideas to entertain kids Gladys. I just love that you get to spend some quality time with them, not all parents get to do that.

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