I had a great time celebrating Mother’s Day

Last weekend was busy. Our Saturday was so fun. Not only for me but for the entire family. My husband had to work that day (I wasn’t really sure if he was having fun though!) while the girls and I hang out with my friends in Omaha after we did a few chores that morning. At noon, I had to pick up two of my friends from their houses in Fremont. One friend has son. Carpool is always fun! I always enjoy driving. We talked a lot and there wasn’t a quiet moment from where we started  until we got to the Grand China Buffet after almost an hour drive. We also met two other friends at the restaurant and enjoyed different choices of food. I always love going to this place because of the variety of food they offer, American or Asian. I had rice, noodles, sweet and sour tilapia and sweets for desserts. The girls didn’t eat much but they enjoyed the noodles, friend chicken, fruits, ice cream, and sweets.

I was craving for a sushi but I only tried one, the California roll sushi. We stayed there for almost two hours then we headed to our friend’s house which is a fifteen-minute drive from the restaurant. We stayed at her house for half an hour. I’m not really familiar driving around Omaha except those places we often visit. So from our friend’s house, we we followed her until we got to the Asian store which didn’t take long. We drove another fifteen minutes.

This trip worked out great for all of us because my two friends had to buy a few items too. I bought smoked fish, dried fish (yum!), rice vinegar (for sushi), spring rolls wrapper, and other Filipino knick-knacks. Once we got home, my husband suggested to order a takeout from the restaurant  in town for our supper. We had a steak. 

Sunday morning, we went to church and had some donuts and ham and sandwich for breakfast. The girls gave me handmade cards, letters, flowers (from our neighbor’s yard!), and drawings. They never fail to make my heart so happy every time they do “little things” like these. Even though there is no occasion, I get plenty of them.

My husband gave me a card and a vase of red roses and  a balloon. Call me weird but I’m not really into presents but he’s insistent with the flowers, so I’ll take them!

Then I started preparing homemade bread and egg rolls for the graduation party of one of my exchange students. I spent the whole Sunday afternoon going to two graduation parties plus a short grocery shopping trip at Walmart. Just a light supper that night. I didn’t do much of cooking that weekend because it was my “day.”

So far being a mother for seven years is full of amazement, surprises, challenges, and learning. Our daughters teach me so much in life and who would have thought motherhood could test any woman’s patience at any given time? And as always, I appreciate those learning curves.

I had a great time celebrating Mother’s Day with my friends and my family. I am so happy!