A wedding last weekend…



We had pretty nice weekend. The whole family went to a wedding of a special friend’s daughter. It happened that the bride is also my boss’ daughter. It was pretty emotional. The bride’s father just passed away a month before the wedding. He lost his battle of brain cancer. But the wedding was beautiful and very memorable.

The late father actually gave the girls’ swing set. He’s so nice man.


This is right after the wedding and we’re heading out to the reception. It was snowing that day but it didn’t stop other guests to attend. I could say, this is one of the biggest weddings we attended to. Over one hundred attendees. There were few kids who were running around and they made friends with each other (how I love being a kid!). Everything was perfect-from food, nice songs and people on the dance floor.

We got home almost 10 o’clock and the girls were so tired and fell asleep.

We are so honored to be invited on this wonderful occasion.

This month is pretty expensive

blog 002Whew! It seems like forever but here I am again, blogging at our house. Yay! This is the reason why I didn’t post last Friday. It was too cold to go to the library and take the girls with me. I decided to stay home even it’s only two blocks away from our house.

We had a very expensive “two-week-period”. Every end of the year,there’s always something comes up-for home, cars and few others.This time,we bought something that we could wait for a little longer and deal with the other with a little bit of sacrifice.

We bought the bedroom set and it wasn’t so exciting if we’re talking financially-For sure our credit card debts will rack up this month but the only consolation I have is, we have until next summer to pay it without interest.Yes, it looks so great in our bedroom and we moved our old bedroom to our girls’ room.The girls are sleeping in their bedroom now most of the time which is a good sign. We did a little organizing in both bedrooms and they look great. More on this post later!

I also bought a new laptop. We went to Best Buy in Omaha last Saturday to have someone fix my computer but I would be better off buying new one. I can’t believe how cheap some laptops are. Even the branded ones like HP,Asus,etc. But I stick to my Toshiba (yes,I’m a Toshiba girl!). It’s $350 plus 1 year tech support plan for $100. I don’t mind if my laptop is really old (5 years old),it works fine with me and I’m really familiar how it works and I don’t mind if I go to the library either to use computer but the thing is,I use online banking and do some transactions online which I’m not comfortable to do in public computers for safety reasons. Not to mention,to drag our girls in a cold weather just like the other day.A lot of times,I write my post the night before. It’s pretty handy when you have computer at home and I think it will last me for another five years-who knows!

I really wanted to have my old computer fix. I want to recover the old data I have in there. Like the girls’ videos when they were young. Luckily,I transferred some to CDs and with all the pictures, I still have in my camera. I’m thankful I haven’t deleted some in our camcorder and if there are more videos I want,I have no choice but to pay $100 to retrieve my data. I don’t know when I’m going to do that.They told me it would take four days to do the transfer.

Hopefully we get through next month without spending much!

Learning the world of investing

blog 003

*****Supposedly this post was yesterday but my computer is messing with me, I couldn’t start. and thinking something software was updated or something was misconfigured…Where I’m at? At the fantastic library! Blogging. I thought I’d go crazy not accessing my computer but a little bit, the public library is my best friend. The girls are at the kids’ room playing on the computer, it has two. Perfect for the two of them while I’m doing my internet surfing (how to fix it!) and blogging. By the way, I only have 60 minutes to use it up. A good thing, already wrote some part of it the other day while my computer was still working.Hopefully, I can fix it when I get home or else,I’ll be going here from Monday to Friday.It happened to me before but somehow I fixed it.So wish me luck this time*****


One of my life goals is not to be super duper rich,sounds not-so-ambitious at all but I think I’m directing my life into simplicity (that’s why I have this blog) and worry-free. When I met my husband he didn’t have any savings account. Who doesn’t have savings account?I asked myself silently. I wasn’t raised to focused more on money but I learned from life how important it is to save something just in case  that rainy season comes which always happens to us. I had couple experiences when I borrowed money from relatives and I got turned down.

It was embarrassing and humiliating to yourself. Even I promised that I’ll pay them on this specified time frame but you know when you get turned down,you would blamed yourself for asking.

We are living simple life because we’re getting tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I remember when we used to go to cash advance places to get by. It was one of the stupidest things we did-financially speaking. They charge $35 for the money you borrowed for two weeks. But we bit the bullet and did it for few times. It was then when me and my husband used to have our previous jobs.

When people say,it’s only money. There are more things that more than money. But that money is one of the reasons why we survive and provide for our personal and family needs. Having money is pretty good but it gets bad when we drown ourselves in something very negative that could ruin our lives.

It’s really nice when you know that you are safe just in case you lose your job,you got sick or something comes up.

That’s why,we are building our savings and we are planning to do some little investments. I know it will take time to do that but I’m so happy as a bee for having savings and separate checking accounts. I’m also planning to open different saving accounts for our planned vacation in the Philippines in next two or three years.

Slowly, I’m changing my view on money. Think many times before I spend every dollar. Like couple weeks ago, while I was doing my overnight shift,a guy interrupted me from making donuts to make his sandwich. It was almost midnight. He was so nice and I was thinking he was either got off from work or heading to work. Anyway, he gave me $2 tip for his five-something-dollar sub sandwich. I still have it with me and I can’t remember when was the last time I spent money at the store. And looking at our savings account, how much I make on interest, spending $1 is big for me.

I try to find ways to save every penny and put it in our savings account. We have goals. A lifetime goals. To get out of debt and make sure we have a bright future-financially speaking. It’s really nice not to worry about money. Life becomes easy and not distressing.

I’m not talking about being filthy rich but learning the “rich attitude” when it comes to money is really interesting. It’s not my first time to encounter those “seemed complicated rich words”, but understanding them well pays off. We don’t have enough money in our portfolio yet but we are building it. We are happy that me and my husband have retirement plans -401 (k) and he is so busy with his investment house,which we are hoping to be sold in next few months. I already have plans for it-pay down our debts and put some money in savings accounts and open CDs.

Today,I’m learning  about bonds,stocks,mutual funds,etc. It’s not my first time to know these rich words. I’ve encountered them while I was a teenager but never paid any attention at all. They sounded so complicated and boring to me back then. But now,we are in debt and changing our mentality about money so that we’ll be okay when we retire,it’s  no longer boring to me.

This book is perfect for me- as a dummy in a world of investing!