Secret to effective time management

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Time management is one of my problems ever since.I don’t know to handle it wisely.There are days I’m super productive but there are MORE days I’m wasting it.I’m trying hard to change my bad habits wasting time and I think I’m doing much better now.

Remember the free cassettes tapes I got from the library last time?I listened all of them and it’s part of my day to listen to it over and over again.I bring two tapes with me in the car to listen while driving. It really helps to hear someone giving lectures about effectiveness  and time management.

Stephen Covey revealed how we can solve time management issues.

He said we should know the difference between urgent and important.Once we know the real definition of each word then we should consider this:

                                            Important but not urgent
                                         Urgent but not important 

 We should prioritize or say “YES” to important things whether they’re urgent or not and say “NO” to unimportant things no matter how urgent they are to avoid creating crisis/problem.For example,checking emails and Facebook seem urgent but they’re not that important unless you are expecting a response from someone that will contribute to your goals.I know how addictive it is to surf online,one article could lead you to many links and before we know it,we already wasted 30 minutes doing it.

I used to arrive late on get-together but lately I’m doing good arriving on time.Before I used to horse around and I would start getting ready when the time is ticking.Then I’ll be frustrated for running up late and this happened in multiple occasions.

I read countless articles about time management.Some work (having to-do-list) and some don’t.

This rule is I consider,so far,effective!




Do you still get 8 hours of sleep a day?


Hi there guys!

My last post was about my weekly goals as part of my productivity plan.And one of them is to blog daily (Monday to Friday) and obviously I’m not achieving it. Few times I missed to do blog post for few reasons-busy and tired.And if I am that busy and tired,I don’t write because I can’t concentrate at all.(Ya know this all fellow bloggers!)

I always feel tired right after I get home from work IF I don’t get enough sleep.We’re  taught since we were little that the right amount of sleep is 8 hours.I think I’m done with those days where I used to get this kind of sleep.Uninterrupted and complete.

My sleep became shorter when the kids become part of the picture.Aside from that I work two jobs.I put in 60 hours per week.I know that’s a lot.Having kids should be blamed for not getting those magical 8 hours of downtime? Maybe yes and maybe not.I still remember those nights when I only got less than 5 hours of sleep because of the wide awake babies.But with those numbers,I can’t do it.I would feel so sluggish and feel I needed nap every time.

As I wanted to go to bed too early— like 8:30 at night but there are some things to do at home.And if the girls fight their sleep time,it becomes more interesting to me.I have to give them bath,get them ready for bed and read book to them.

We know the importance of getting enough rest.There are number of scientific studies about the negative effects,in later days,to our health.I’m okay if I get 7 hours a day.Actually I can still perform my duties at work even I only get 6.5 hours sleep.The funny thing is when I get 8 hours of sleep,which is very seldom,I get headache and feel tired (imagine that!).

Getting lesser hours of sleep started when I wanted to finish things before I go to bed because there are few of them.

I love doing some productive things and I can still do them even not completing those hours of sleep as long as it’s not below 7 or 6.5 hours but if it’s a whole different story if I only get 5 hours of sleep before I go to work my overnight shift.I have to be productive whether I like it or not.It’s a job!

If it’s my day off,I still get up the same time like I have to work.This is kind of a routine thing.

There will be changes with my work schedule in less than three weeks and hoping my sleeping time will be normal again.I sleep whenever I have time.Two hours in the morning,another couple hours in the afternoon and 2 or 3 more hours before I do my overnight shift.It’s hard but then again,I’m immune to this.

How about you guys?

Do you get 8 hours of sleep every night?

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Becoming effective (and my weekly goals)

Cari over at coolawesomekids posted about her weekly goals that really made me interested to be more productive.How things done in timely manner and I think this is how we should do it.To become effective and efficient. That’s why I have my to-do-list on hand.Most of the time I write my list the night before and look at it the next morning.

It really works!

I thought about doing 90-day goals then break them down.

Having weekly goal is very achievable.


  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Drink more water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Go for a walk (even a short one!)


  • Cook more home cooked meals.
  • Take the girls to the library once a week
  • Let the girls play outside (when the weather permits!)
  • Spend some quality time
  • Start teaching the girls to read since they know the alphabet
  • Take a family walk few blocks


  • Pay off one credit card
  • Organize our “business book”
  • Keep track of all our savings account
  • Budget!


  • Do some meditation/quiet time even at least 15 minutes a day
  • Finish reading one book a week
  • Blog daily (Monday to Friday)
  • Write on my journal
  • Listen to Stephen Covey’sThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” everyday (I got cassette tapes free from the library!)
  • Prepare all the documents and forms to file my US Citizenship(we’ll be talking massive amount of paperwork here)
  • Get a haircut this Friday (me and the girls will have a new look!)
  • Take more pictures of nature

My job:

  • To arrive at work 3 minutes before my shift.(I hate coming to work early,it makes me feel my day will be longer than it should be but I’ll do it!)
  • Get more things done
  • Leave work right on time
  • Be more vocal when I think some things are not right


  • Always make sure dishes are done.
  • Do laundry then fold them right away
  • Make sure house is picked up (with the girls’ help!)
  • Put away all winter clothes.
  • Organize our home office

Social Media/TV:

  • Check Facebook once a day. Also,I should only spend less than 5 minutes checking it.
  • Limit TV time for girls

Thank you,Cari!

This is why I love blogging. We learn a lot from each other.


My photo: Our youngest daughter..again!