My first book will be published next month!!!

My dear readers, I apologize for the long silence. I got really busy these past few days that I didn’t have any time to blog. One of the things that made me busy is to work on my second book and of course, communicating with my publisher about my first book.

The good news is I already have a date for my book’s publication. But first, let me tell you that we decided to have the previous title and same subtitle. It’s no longer “Amerika” that I thought I was firm not to replace it with any title—even the first one. But with the suggestions and votes from friends, my book’s title is “Pesos to Pennies: A Filipino Immigrant’s Memoir” that I’m so happy to tell you that will be published on May 2, 2017. I like the blurb that they made and my feelings have no any doubt. I’m satisfied with it and won’t have any inch of regret.

Two years of writing with eight rewriting and three times of professional editing, finally, all my patience and hard work these past two years will start paying off by having my dream come into reality.

Why Pesos to Pennies?

Originally, this manuscript supposedly about my work experiences in this country. But thankfully, with the book editor’s idea, she suggested to write more about my immigration journey. So back to the original setting, I worked in America, so converting the monetary unit from Pesos (Philippines) to Pennies (USA) just came up to my mind, and besides both words start with letter “P.” *Wink, wink*

So why not, right?

May 2nd is the date, everyone!!!

Have a great weekend and always be safe!


Soft pandesal

I’ve been making pandesal for a few years now and it becomes one of my family and friends’ favorites. But still, it’s not like the one that we buy at the bakery in our hometown in the Philippines. Every now and then I try to experiment like adjusting a few measurements or ingredients.

So last weekend, I baked one batch of pandesal, and surprise! I liked how it turned out. It’s really softer than the previous ones I made.

I used water instead of milk.

I let the dough proof for four hours. (Make sure to punch the dough to let the air out and avoid a dry dough, then roll it again, then proof and cover with towel.)

And I reduced the sugar measurement  (one teaspoon less) and it still turns out tasty. But the judgment is always yours!

Below is the recipe and click here for the procedure.


Pan de Sal


2 cups all-purpose flour

2 cups bread flour

1/2 cup white sugar (set aside 1 tablespoon sugar from this measurement)

5 tablespoons melted butter

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 1/4 cups fresh milk,warm (please make sure it’s not hot, not cold or else bread won’t rise)

2 1/4 teaspoon active dry yeast

1 teaspoon salt

bread crumbs

1 piece egg

1 tablespoon cooking oil

Let me know how it turns out for you when you make them!

Happy Tuesday, my readers!


Replacing our dishwasher hose

The dishwasher stayed in this house when we bought it a couple years ago. It’s our first time to have one and I started using it a few months ago. It’s nice to have a dishwasher because it’s so convenient and saves me a lot of time doing dishes. It’s working good for us until the last few days when water started leaking from the sink. I checked it out and found out that the hose was old, dirty, and has two tiny holes splashing water like a fountain! So I tried to wrapped them with plastic bag but it didn’t help any.

I tried to be a handywoman and figured it out myself how I could fix it!

The old hose!

Our 86 year-old friend offered help and said he can replace it. All we have to do is to buy a new hose. It’s our friend and I worked together by moving the dishwasher and taking the hose out which wasn’t that hard. It’s fixed now except there’s a leak but this time it’s coming under the dishwasher. I suspect that we didn’t tighten up the screw well and that’s another assignment that I’m hoping we can just take care of ourselves.

I’m hand washing our dishes again and I can’t complain much since I like doing dishes!

Happy Monday, everyone!