My husband got fired from his job, but he’s happy about it.

DSC_3969A few days ago my husband lost his job. Both of us work for school as custodians/janitors. Too early for that, we both thought when he was asked to show up at school for a “yearly evaluation.” Usually, an evaluation is given a few weeks before the school year starts, not the other way around. He’s been working as a school janitor for almost three years. He used to be a truck driver. The reason why he ended up working for the school is because of our girls; same reason why I have this job.

Obviously, he wasn’t doing his janitorial duties good enough. He needs to do more scrubbing stalls and always finish his daily job. After his evaluation paper was read to him, he was told he was terminated.

And things like this happen to a lot of people!

Aside from this dirty work, boredom becomes an enemy. Imagine doing work repetitiously five times a week. I get bored too. That’s why I find other constructive things after work like blogging, reading, working with exchange students, and book writing. But then again, this job gave us freedom to be with our daughters most of the time. They quit attending daycare center for three years, and we’re thankful for that. It’s always a trade-off between better paying job and nature of work.

Thank goodness my husband has positive attitude. He knows we’ll be okay, and I know it too! A couple people worried about our current financial state. How are we going to pay our bills is their concern. A good thing we paid off our credit card debts by selling two homes ( our old house and the investment house) and have money in savings. This is also the main reason why I started this blog, advocating a simple living. Less bills, less work. I’m sure for a lot of people who lost their jobs, paying monthly bills is a serious concern. Try to lower your expenses by saving money on this and that and more importantly, “live beneath your means.”

The nice things about working for the school is the employee’s benefits. But since my husband lost his job, he lost his free health insurance. It’s either he needs to find another job right away or file unemployment benefits.

When he got fired, it’s a bittersweet. He’s not happy with his job anymore. He got bored and he thinks he needs to pursue his interest. We both make decisions, we know it will be a challenging times but we’re always positive that everything will be okay. For now, he’s spending more time with our daughters since the school year is over. He does a lot of yard work since the weather is nicer. He doesn’t have to worry working with difficult co-workers, too. These are the things he’s enjoying right now. And who knows he will find his “real freedom” after this.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and always think positive no matter how hard life hits you!




I had a great Mother’s Day!

DSC_4024Happy Monday, everyone!

To my readers who are mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!!! I hope you had fun celebrating it with your family. As I celebrate this special occasion every year, I always get happier and happier. My daughters gave me amazing presents that are worth to put in my “treasure box.”


Both girls love to draw. A cheap hobby they do every day. Our oldest daughter pointed out on the drawing above that was me and her, holding hands together. I was the one with the black hair (isn’t that so cute?). She said she picked flower from the garden and gave it to me. She made this card at school, well both the presents I got from them were made from school.  I really love them both!


We went to the steak house here in our town which was pack. A good thing we went there a little early to beat the crowd. I had a prime rib which I asked for a ‘to-go’ box because it’s huge. My husband gave me flowers, heart balloon, and a card. My Mother’s Day celebration wasn’t that extravagant, but being with  my family that day was so special. I also called my grandmother and mother in the Philippines to greet them and gave them a small amount of money to eat out. It’s something they will enjoy once a year.

I hope you also had a great one!!!



The “Uneducated” Filipinos stereotype

I’ve been living here for seven years now and I just became a U.S citizen last year. After living here for that long, what dumbfounded me is the stereotype I get. A few years ago when I was still working as a receptionist (my first job in this country), a co-worker was surprised to learn that I went to college in the Philippines. (I have a Business degree major in Marketing.) Yes, I have a business degree and there I was doing something completely irrelevant to my education. I just talked to a guy lately and he was surprised to find out that I have a business degree.

Really?” he asked.

Then when I told someone that one of my friends here is an accountant, I got a surprised face.

They think coming from a third world country means no schools because poverty can’t afford that.  Another co-worker at my previous job sarcastically asked me if we have schools in the Philippines. If they only knew how much priority we give on education, they would be amazed by the statistics. But still they think we’re “uneducated” because some of us are doing “manual labor” or “unskilled” jobs. If they will only try to find out why, maybe these assumptions to a whole group will change. Our Asian neighboring countries stereotype Filipinos as maids and toilet cleaners.

Assumptions spread stereotypes.

I had to take all these jobs because I had to. If only my pride overruled me these years, maybe right now I would be working at a big corporation but full of guilt. I should’ve went to a college or university here to take some classes to further my education that I got from the Philippines. But I said no to that because our daughters are more important, and also I don’t want to go back to school anymore. For me, it’s a waste of my time and money. Just like my other friends that have education too but willingly took jobs where what they learned from school is unused.


Because these jobs help them pay bills. My cleaning job pays more than my office job. The cost of living in this country is not cheap: daycare, mortgage, groceries will drive your wallet crazy! You will come to the point where you have to choose— pride or practicality?

A lot of Filipinos are educated because our culture taught us that education is a key to a successful life!

But even though my years were occupied with all these jobs not related to my degree, still I am pursuing my dream of becoming a writer.  I’ll be publishing my first book, a memoir, about my experiences in this country since the first day I stepped my foot on American soil. A lot of people don’t know that yet (only you and a few friends!) and I bet, they will be surprised!

Happy weekend, everyone!