Time tracking: A productive Sunday

Good morning, everyone!

Today the school is cancelled as we’re having an ice storm. The roads are slick. My husband and the girls are home. So yay to me! How I will spend this day is fun as I started tracking my time since Friday. I did this when I started writing my first book and that’s how I finished it. (My first book is being edited and hopefully I can set a release date this week!) And I want to finish the first draft of my second book by March. That’s one of my 2017 goals! It’s important to know how we spend every minute of our time. By seeing it on a paper gives me an idea if I waste it or not.

So I’m giving you yesterday’s time which I got a lot of things done and I’m so happy about that. You can do time tracking by writing it down on the paper or on a spreadsheet or whatever works for you. The choice is yours.

So here’s how I spent my Sunday productively.

6:49- 6:55 Wake up, bathroom break, stretching

6:55-7:25   breakfast prep

7:25-7:32  breakfast

7:32-7:48- start getting ready for church

7:48-8:04 getting myself ready (shower, a little makeup, etc.)

8:06-9:07 church

9:07-10:23 visited friend

10:23-10:32 home

10:32-11:06 pick up the house, eat/snack

11:06-11:44 clean kitchen, lunch (my husband helped to clean up too!)

11:44-11:49 break

11:49-2:19 internet/ book writing (with a few interruptions from my daughters)

2:19-3:05 nap

3:05-4:19 book writing/ internet

4:19-4:35 get supper ready (I started boiling beef for a stew)

4:35-5:39 exercise (the girls went with me down the basement while they’re playing with their doll house)

5:39-6:16 start cooking rice, chores, etc.

6:16-6:55 helped Marie with her Math homework (we’re doing the addition and subtraction)

6:55-7:12 supper (my family helped to set the table)

7:12-7:31 clean up

7:31-7:48 girls’ pajama time

7:48-8:00 my pajama time, write a to-do list (while the girls are picking up their toys)

8:00-8:40 read a story to the girls (Beauty and the Beast)

8:40-9:40 writing time, chat with my husband

9:40-10:30 reading time (Doctor, What Should I Eat by Isadore Rosenfeld)

10:30-10:40 bathroom break, drink water and a few stretching

10:40-5:50 sleep (I slept for 7 hours and 10 minutes without interruption. I always feel good for having at least 7 hours of sleep!)

And no Facebook this weekend either!!!

Have a great start of the week, everyone!


Gratitude: Small things are valued

My husband thinks there’s a hose leak in our vehicle and he wants this to be taken care of before I go somewhere because it’s hard to have your vehicle break down especially this time of the year. So I took it to the repair shop here in town yesterday morning right after I dropped off Marie to school. The mechanic gave me a ride home and usually he brings back the vehicle whenever he’s done. We thought it wouldn’t take him long to fix it and I’d be able to drop off Olivia at preschool by noon. Even though the school is only three blocks away from us, still I won’t risk to walk in this cold weather with my daughter who just got feel better after having a cold. At 11:30 a.m. I had to call our neighbor and told him my situation and I asked him if he could take  Olivia to preschool. Of course he said yes without hesitation. Our neighbor is like a family to us. He treats us kindly and treats our daughters as his granddaughters. We can rely on him whenever we need him. He took Olivia to preschool and I called him to say thank you for the favor he did for us.

I had to call him again before the school is about out because my vehicle is not here yet. I asked our neighbor if he could also keep our daughters at his house for a few minutes and I’ll come over to his house to pick them up. We stayed at his house for 1.5 hours to visit and the girls like his company. They did their homework there and Olivia did some drawings. Before we left our neighbor’s house, he gave me a dried fruit snack that he thought I would enjoy. And I did.

Then the this morning, I still don’t have the vehicle to take Marie to school (Olivia has no preschool every Friday) and our neighbor did the favor again. He was here ten minutes before 8 o’clock to pick up Marie. I just can’t thank our neighbor enough for all the good things he does for us. He doesn’t accept any payment. That’s why whenever I make homemade bread, I always go to his place and give him a loaf and that’s something I know he likes.

When I came over in this country, this is one thing I noticed about Americans. They barely know their neighbors and saying ‘hi’ when they see each other outside is the only communication they have. Someone told me that he really doesn’t know his neighbor and they never talk for years. It’s not because there are hard feelings or whatsoever but “that’s the way it is.” People get so busy with their lives and that’s the sad part. But once we know our neighbor, get a chance to have a conversation and be friends with them, over time you treat each other like a family.

For me, neighbors are the ones that will come to your door to give you a lending hand whenever you need it the most. Not your relatives that live miles away. I’ve been living here for over seven years and we moved twice. What I’m so thankful about is we’re still friends with all of them and we treat each other like a family even up to this date. These are the small things that I value so much in life. Simple acts of kindness yet eternal to our friendship.

Have a great weekend, my friends!



My new workout plan

After workout!

New Year, New Workout Plan!

These past couple weeks I’ve been using our treadmill in the basement. The winter is cold and sometimes windy. I always get a headache every time I do my two-mile walk outside on this kind of weather even though I cover my mouth and nose with my scarf. The cold air is not good for me while walking the road that long. So doing my workout at home is the best option at this time unless if the sun peeks and it’s not windy.

Usually it takes me 40 minutes to finish my two-mile walk and I double it when the weather is really nice. But on winter time it’s different. That’s why I set a new workout goal for an hour a day. And that gives me three miles of walking/running (that’s 21 miles in total per week!) at 3 mph speed. I do intervals. I walk for 30 minutes walking and run for another 30 minutes at 4 mph speed. I enjoy it doing it while the music is playing!

Just like last Monday when the girls were sick, I didn’t get a chance to workout because of the girls’ demand of my presence (medicine, blanket, snacks, nap, etc.). Instead I did some stretching and weightlifting for 15 minutes. By doing this hour workout goal a day, I won’t feel guilty if I miss a single day in one week.

Being active is so important to me. Not only because of the health benefits but every time I’m done, my mood always improves and I feel I’m energetic again. And when I have all the energy, I can do a few more writing and chores around the house.