Small cleaning makes me feel not guilty


To complete my whole day not feeling guilty,I do a little cleaning before the day is over.It makes me feel better that way.It works for me not to feel bugged the next morning.I know I have to learn how to slow down but it seems like I’m always running out of time.With my super busy schedule,I still find time to pick up around the house,even for thirty minutes.

Folding a basket of clothes while a new load was in the dryer doesn’t take half hour to do.Or cleaning the bathroom,wiping mirrors and scrubbing toilet.It didn’t take much time to finish them,although it sounds like a lot of work.As long as I can keep up with them,twenty minutes of cleaning time is not bad at all.

Maybe I’m overdoing things a lot and not giving enough room to relax but I’m really happy when I’m busy (I know it’s a little weird).It bothers me when I leave all my stuffs on the dinner table at night and my husband cleans them up.Last night,I did what I needed to do.I put everything in place and the room looks much calmer.


DSC_2671Hello readers!

This weekend was full of fun and busy days for us.Our small town had its annual Old Settler’s day celebration that made the town busy and made the town up late at night.Since we’re only few blocks away from the park,we could see the carnival from our house.Last Saturday night,they had fireworks and we just sat down outside our house and watch it for few minutes.It was fun and I made sure I have some pictures to share with you.

DSC_2677This is not the first time we took our girls to watch fireworks.A couple years ago we did but obviously they didn’t have any idea how to show their appreciation watching it.Well this time ┬áthe girls were so excited and keep jumping,clapping and showed amazement.I didn’t know fireworks would bring so much joy to them.

DSC_2675I just loved all different colors.



DSC_2683The finale.


There were cars parked on the street just to watch fireworks.The weather was so nice and for sure a lot of people went to the baseball field to watch it.It’s a very fun weekend for us and hope you had a good one too!

The downside of moving

DSC_2469Well aside from unpacking,organizing, and massive cleaning.The moving adventure doesn’t stop there.Instead the bills start coming.Sigh!

We are paying three mortgages.That means three heating bills,three water bills and three electric bills!We should not whine because,hey we wanted it in the first place!Since there’s no room for whining,we are cramming to find how to keep up with our monthly payments.Let alone,credit cards debts.We thought we were in another step of celebration when a buyer showed interest owning our old house.To our dismay,we only celebrated for a day.The buyer backed out a day after we signed the purchase agreement.Oh well,in real estate business that’s usual! A good thing she did it before we even start any paperwork.

Few weeks later,another buyer offered a deal and we accepted it.We think it’s a fair offer.Still we need to do new roofing and we’re crossing our fingers that it will pass any inspection they will do.When we’re done with all of these and finally we hand over the title to the new owner,worrying monthly payments is not be as stressful as right now.