On Thanksgiving


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day!

And I have to work early in the morning and come back to do overnight shift. I know,I shouldn’t be complaining,it’s a Thanksgiving reminder. I have to be thankful for having a job, right?And pay our bills.

One thing I notice in this country even on special holiday like this, still, a lot of business establishments are open. Time is money,as they say. I read a book about simple living that in Europe,majority of businesses is close for few reasons: (1) owner wants a day off and (2) it really means holiday.

I could only wish.

But I look on the brighter side. I get paid time and a half. Yay to my paycheck next pay period!

I will get off work at 1 p.m tomorrow and start cooking because I don’t trust this part to my husband. We will celebrate so simple. Unlike the previous years,we usually have companies but this time only the four of us. Yes,me and the other three crews!

I’ll be making homemade bread that I found so interesting to make. (I’ll share this recipe with you!)

I’ll make mashed potatoes.

We’ll have corn.

And cornbread.

Last year,our very good friends celebrated with us and they brought couple dishes and one thing we won’t forget. We barely finished our desserts because we were so full.

I was asked few times if we celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines,as big as they do here in US? We really don’t but we celebrate Christmas and New Year bigger than here. Christmas carols,lanterns and decorations still visible until end of January.

This Thanksgiving,we are focusing on blessings we had all these years. Of course,we should not be only thankful on this day but it should be everyday. No matter how big or small the blessings are. We should all be grateful.

Oh by the way!

Unlike most people,they have turkey on the table but this year we decided to have a smaller one. And not turkey.

We’re having a ham with pineapple.Yum!

Whether you celebrate this holiday season to your country or not.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Easy Crab Cakes


Hello there!

I welcome myself sharing recipe. Geez,when was the last time I had one?

Yo no se.

This recipe is so easy to make. I promise!

As Thanksgiving is only few days away,a lot of sales going on in every stores. From turkey to gravy. Hy-vee had sale last week on Kraft’s Stove Top cornbread for .78 cents. It’s really cheap and I bought the store limit for this item which is two. One of my recipes’ resources is product’s label. They have easy recipe to make and that’s where I learn making crab cakes for the first time.

I won’t forget the first time I had a piece of crab cake,first time in my life. It was when we went to Red Lobster and that was 4-5 years ago.

That long.

One thing I’m sure about eating it. It was expensive. At Red Lobster.

I had my husband to try it and he’s not a big fan of this kind of recipe but he likes crab meat, though.

Easy Crab Cakes


1 cup boiling water

1 package (6 oz.) cornbread stuffing mix

3 eggs

2 cans (6 oz. each) crabmeat,drained,flaked

1/4 cup butter or margarine

1 lemon,cut into 6 wedges (optional)


  • Add boiling water to stuffing mix;stir just until moistened. Let stand 5 minutes
  • Beat eggs in large bowl. Add crabmeat;mix lightly. Stir in stuffing. Shape into 6 patties.
  • Melt butter in large skillet on medium heat. Add patties;cook 5 minutes on each side or until heated through and lightly browned on both sides. Serve with lemon wedges.

It didn’t take me long to make these. I ended up making 7 patties instead of 6. Some of them are big and small but I put any leftover in the fridge so that I have something to snack on maybe until tomorrow. It’s really delicious and making this from scratch, reminded my taste buds how crab cakes taste like 4 or 5 years ago.

I love it!


Someday I want to buy this…


Last Saturday we visited our friend to her new apartment. She loves our girls very much. She wants to spend time with them because they are her “favorites”. She also invited one family with two kids but she didn’t make it. We thought she was tired working overnight. Still,we had so much fun.

Her apartment is perfect for her,as a single. One bedroom,one bath and open kitchen and living room. I could live there I given a chance. It looks so simple but she decorated it good. Not too bare,not too much.

I made pandesal early in the morning. We originally planned to start our get together at 1 o’clock but she moved it an hour later so that she could prepare. She made lumpia,mango float,rice and before we get to her place she was gone buying something. We only waited for couple minutes then she’s back,with KFC chicken bucket. Yum!

I am so proud of her.She’s making a living and she lives independently. Seeing her new place is mesmerizing. A lot of us here-fellow Filipinos- work so hard just to make it day by day.

We spent most our day singing karaoke and chatting. This is the first time we had one-on-one. Unlike when we have big get-together,we just say “hi,hello and fleeting chat” to each other.

Half of the time on our stay at her apartment,we sang karaoke and our girls danced most of the time. Few of my friends own karaoke,and when we have get-together to someone’s house who has it,it’s one of the highlights of fun.

I don’t have a good voice but growing up in the Philippines, karaoke is so popular,even people who are out of tune (like me) don’t care singing at all. It’s really fun! With or without occasion,they sing karaoke.


Our youngest one made us laugh that day. She danced while her sister sang even we didn’t understand one of her lines.

I asked my friend how much it would cost me if I decided to own it one day. It starts at $300,used.I’m expecting I have to pay almost $500 if I wanted a new one. But I know it will take us a while to have this even I know our girls love singing karaoke,just to listen to their little voices.