Being productive is a choice


These past few days I’ve been jotting down the factors that keep me productive and unproductive.It’s amazing to know what makes me keep moving and what factors make me feel not to do anything.

Here’s my own conclusion.

  • Tiredness. I know I’m not lazy but tiredness fertilizes my fake laziness.If I’m lack of sleep,I feel lethargic most of the time.Laying on bed is my sanctuary or sitting around or surf the internet.These are the things that make me feel more tired. And yes,sleep has to do with it too!When I quit my job at the convenience store,I wake up at 5:20 am now compared before when I have to get up at 4 am for my 5am  to 1pm shift.I was tired every end of the day and take an hour (or two) nap.I felt I wasted too many hours napping but few occasions I was productive those nights.
  • Setting a deadline. Somehow I accept the fact that setting a deadline is a good idea.It happens when we eat our supper.Usually by 7 pm we’re done and yet we have room for family/bonding time.Cuddling or sitting on the couch until my husband is ready to go back to work at 7:30 pm.Even he already left I sit around and started to wait until 8 pm to start doing my tasks again like clearing the kitchen table,give the girls a bath (and let them play in the tub for a while),sweeping the kitchen,wash the dishes and finish the girls’ bath and get them ready for bed including brushing their teeth,putting their jammies on,brushing their hair and reading a book.These night routine ends up past 9pm. By then,I’m tired.So I decided not to waste 30 minutes sitting then start at 8pm. I start the moment when my husband leaves.Now my schedule is getting better after I set a deadline.
  • Move,move,move! This is the highlight of setting a deadline.We should start moving and don’t wait until our body and mind give up on finishing tasks.If you start doing one task then followed by another.Your groove is back.And when you are in your productive mood,it makes you engaged more on finishing tasks.
  • My 5-minute rule. I came up with this after I timed myself how long I can finish sweeping the kitchen floor.Our kitchen is not that big and it only took me 5 minutes to sweep every nook of the floor.I don’t do this every night and usually I wait the following day because I’m too tired to do it.Not anymore.Why I would wait at least 8 hours or so to do a task that I can finish in 5 minutes? It’s like folding clothes,although it takes more than 5 minutes to finish the whole laundry basket but the time I can finish them is not too long.Less than 25 minutes I’m done including putting them away.
  • Write unfinished tasks on journal. As much as possible I want to finish all chores before going to bed but there are times you can’t.When both your body and mind are tired,all you have to do is to wait until the next day.What I do is to write my to-do-list on my journal.

Why I believe that there are no menial jobs?


A lot of times I consider my internet surfing a waste of time but it makes me feel not guilty when I read something where I can learn from the article-controversial or viral.This time it’s about the kind of job we have. I watched Britt McHenry’s rant against a towing company employee.Aside from attacking her skills,college education and type of job she also attacked the employee’s personal appearance like weight and teeth. Although the video was edited but hearing her saying those sentences is irritating to watch.

I know there are tons of mean people out there that exist with bad attitudes and this one is one of the meanest.

It hits me too because this only proves someone will think what they do for a living can be superior to what other people do.And let’s talk about jobs or careers we are pursuing.

Menial jobs.

It made me feel bad that there are people who look down on what other people do for a living.Is success based on if you have a college degree or not? Are you a six figure salary earner or not.If you do white-or-blue-collar job? How we define best job comes in different forms.

I do cleaning job.For some people,it’s menial.No skill set and with this kind of job,I don’t use my brain much.Imagine vacuuming each room?What part of my brain do I need to use when all I have to do is to plug that in and get moving until no piece of dirt on the floor laying around?

But the sad part is people see this kind of job low.But I don’t.So imagine people doing collecting garbage?A lot of people think that it’s lower.And if you heard about turdinators (they are the people who pick up dog’s poop at the backyard!).There are dirty jobs and low jobs for most people’s view but someone needs to do those jobs.

First,I have a brain.I read,I write and I blog. Yay! I still have my dreams with me no matter what kind of job I’m doing.I have my own reason why I do this.A valid and passionate reason.

One thing I learned in life and one of my favorite “success” definitions is “it’s not based on having things or achievements,success is a victory and mastery of one’s life”. For me right now,I’m focus raising our girls.We want to see them most of the time and I’m so proud to tell the world that I know them well.I was there when they started showing their personalities.I know how to make them happy and mad.I chose this job that will work best for us.

If you read about this dad who was earning 6-figure salary from tech firm quit his job to spend time with his daughter.If it works for you then it’s good and in my case I put off the career or job I want in order to be with our girls.Some parents wanted to spend as much time with their families but maybe finances and dreams hold them back.

I don’t think there are menial jobs out there especially when those jobs are honest and there are dreams behind it.As one of the quote says,”no menial jobs,only menial attitudes”.I don’t feel bad about the job I have or anyone should be.We do what we do for our family and what’s best for our lives.

Taco salad (my own version!)


The only reason I made taco salad last night is my co-worker looking for recipe online then she printed it out and I saw all the ingredients needed.So what did I do?Why not try one,right?

The only bad thing of going to the store is not having your complete and right list with you.I trusted my brain that day and I messed up on buying couple things.Instead of kidney beans,I bought black beans. I forgot buying salad dressing,too! We went to mini-mart here in town and I bought the bleu cheese and it didn’t taste that good.

I ended up making my own version based on what I have on hand.My husband said it tastes good,at least according to his honest judgment.And I’m trusting him for that.Still I’m going to give you the full list of ingredients of this recipe I found.I’m sure the taste would be amazing if I have all the said ingredients but again even I was missing couple recipes,it turned out good!

I crossed out few ingredients because (1) I bought the wrong one and (2) I decided not to use onions because my husband is not an onion eater and the Bleu cheese salad dressing didn’t taste right.Next time I will buy the ranch flavor.

Taco salad recipe

1 lb ground beef

1 envelope taco seasoning (or you can make it from scratch)

1/2 medium lettuce

1/2 bag nacho

1 tomato,diced

1 can kidney  black beans,drained

1 can ripe olives

cheddar cheese

sweet onion,chopped

3/4 cup salad dressing

1/2 cup salsa

3 tbsp sugar


  • Cook beef with 1/2 envelope of taco seasoning
  • In large bowl,combine lettuce,chips,diced tomato,beans,olives,cheese,onion and beef
  • In small bowl,combine salad dressing,salsa,sugar and remaining taco seasoning and pour over salad and toss.
  • Top with cheddar cheese.


My own version is this:

  • Cook beef with 1/2 envelope of taco seasoning
  • In large bowl,combine lettuce,chips,diced tomato,black beans,olives,cheese, and beef
  • Pour the whole jar of salsa over salad and toss.
  • Top with cheddar cheese.

Have some taco salad this weekend,guys!