How did my weekend go

It was low key but a productive one. Basically, I was a homebody over the weekend. I didn’t go anywhere except taking an half an hour walk Sunday afternoon even though the wind was cold (I just doubled my clothes). By the way, that was the only “workout” I’ve done this weekend.

My husband didn’t work last Saturday (usually he works from Monday through Saturday) and we did a few things around the house. We had someone come over to our house to check the basement to start the “project” in a couple weeks. It made the five of us (including our neighbor) so excited because after living here for two years, finally, our basement will look better. The first part of the project is to check the sewer and the wiring to make sure everything’s working and fix whatever’s needed then we’ll proceed to put fake ceiling. My husband is super excited but I am way more excited for him. We just can’t wait!

I was firm with my plan to do some deep cleaning but I only did half. I managed to dust, fold the laundry, sweep the floor and get rid of some clothes and toys (with the girls’ help). And I got rid of a few more from my own closet.

On my last post, I talked about saving money for our “basement project fund” but yesterday we spent money on buying food from a restaurant in town (I craved for their fried chicken!) and a take home pizza. I wasn’t in the mood in messing in the kitchen preparing something. Maybe because all week long, I’ve been cooking home cooked meals, I wanted something different…on my low-key weekend off.

I did my DIY facial. It’s a mixture of sea salt, olive oil and honey (I thank YouTube for that!).

We watched the Nebraska volleyball team played on TV and we’re excited that they made it to the semi-finals! I hope they make it to the National Championship!

I started reading Leo Tolstoy’s biography that I’m 100% sure it will take me until New Year to finish.

I had the girls’ read a few books and they did some artwork (drawing and coloring). I also watched a movie with them and guess what was it? FROZEN (yes, those girls named Elsa and Anna!) for jazillion times. It’s interesting to know that they just couldn’t Let it go, Let it goooo this movie!

I wrote a few sentences for my second book even though it’s short. Another local author once advised me that even if it’s five words, as long as we write something every day, it’s better than nothing. That positive outlook always keeps me in track and inspired.

I took care some of our bills and updated my financial record but there was one thing I’ve noticed—a late fee on one of our credit cards. Thankfully, they waived it after on the phone with them for almost 45 minutes! It’s worth it though because I saved $38 on late fee which I hate AND refuse to pay.

I watched some Oprah’s inspiring interviews that are soul awakening and thought provoking. I just loved it!

This how my weekend went, how’s yours?

Have a great start of the week, my friends!

Gladys Starkey

My Frugal Week

I’m planning to give my husband a good present this Christmas. And that’s fixing his man cave (basement) so that I can send him down there any time I wanted to for my sanity! Ha ha ha. So it’s a big project but we’ve been living here for over two years now and it’s about time to do something about it. To make it happen, we need to find ways how to save up some money. Week after week, I make sure that there are frugal practices I do to make that “man cave project” into reality. Here are the savings I did all week!

  • I packed my lunch all week. It was only two options—a turkey sandwich or a can of Progresso soup that I bought on sale for less than a dollar per can. I just heat that baby up in the microwave there’s free crackers!
  • I lower our thermostat to 68 degrees when we sleep at night and down to 65 degrees when we leave the house. They say it will help lower our heating bill.
  • The girls always eat breakfast before they go to school. It saves us money for not eating breakfast at school.
  • I did my grocery shopping during my lunch break today so that we don’t have to take extra trip tomorrow, Saturday. So why not do it while I’m in town and besides, it saves me gas and time.
  • We ate homecooked meals all week except last night where I bough a medium pizza for $7, but that’s it.
  • I found good sale on meat a few days ago and it will last us until next week.
  • I haven’t bought any clothes or shoes lately because we don’t need one and one nice lady just gave us a tote of clothes!
  • I didn’t buy any unnecessary items!

Keep saving money for rainy days and other important projects or expenses.

Stay warm, my friends! (It’s so chilly here in Nebraska!)

Gladys S

Mommy Duty

Finishing homework is one of the important things that Marie and Olivia have to do right after they got home from school. This is a habit that they’re trying to work on because you know kids, if they could play all night long, they would but my rule is to do it first before doing anything else. What I mean by that is no playing, watching TV or messing with their tablet or phone (we gave them my husband’s inactive old phone but they can use wi-fi). I still have to remind them most of the time because between playing and working on their Math homework, I guarantee you, Math is not their priority!

Most of the time I let them do their homework without me sitting next to them. This is the time when I get busy in the kitchen preparing our supper or doing something. I want them to figure it out on their own before I offer my help but of course, I do from time to time when they call me. There are times when they’re not perfect. They get confuse with the problem solving questions. I always make sure that I check their work before they put in back in their folders and I make sure that we work on it together then explain to them how it works. Right now, Marie is learning about “less than” and “greater than” and to me at her age, that could be confusing. Olivia is learning about numbers and she hardly any trouble with them.

This is one on my Mommy Duty list and to be honest with you, I love it. I know how much things our daughters learn from school and I appreciate all the learning they get from their teachers.

After they get all their homework done, that’s the time I let them play. But if for example they come home without any homework, we do review and let them read a book. And they’re okay with that.

Have a Happy Thursday, everyone and stay warm! (It’s cold here in Nebraska)

Gladys S.