Happy Thanksgiving!


This is very short but I just want to say:

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Even it’s rainy and cold here in Nebraska,we have a lot of things to be thankful for. From great family,great friends and neighbors,good health,stable jobs,happy kids,safe place to stay,beautiful surroundings and a whole lot more!

Of course,I’m thankful to all of you too,who read my blog even sometimes I’m missing in action!

Hope you’re having a great one,guys!



My flat belly diet plan


Hello readers!

It’s crazy missing posts for over a week.My schedule made me so busy between my book editing and working my other job (local coordinator for exchange students!).Supposedly I should’ve posted this last Saturday morning but I had trouble connecting to the internet for the whole weekend.I’m telling you how great it is to have time off on internet surfing sometimes.Aside from doing chores I also finished rewriting another chapter of my book.Yay! And on top of that I did a lot of workout because…ahem…I’m aiming to have a flat belly by the end of the year!

And that’s my game plan. I know there’s no necessity of losing few pounds. I’m very happy with my weight.I’m ten pounds heavier now compared when I came over to this country six years ago. I should be happy and contented  because I know I’m healthy. My friends told me I really don’t have to do any diet or workout because I’m already skinny. But to tell you the truth, even I’m skinny I still have some belly fats that want to get rid of. This is the result of eating unhealthy foods and drinking free soda at the convenience store where I used to work and simply not working out. I never did.All I do is walk a lot and jog from time to time.Walking is very consistent since my cleaning job requires a  lot of it while jogging,I only do it on weekends when my husband can watch them.

The reason I ended up doing this is when I tried my fitted clothes last weekend and looked in the  mirror.I’d seen a little bloated tummy of mine.I started researching online about flat belly tips (there are tons out there!). My issue is more on cosmetic.But who  doesn’t like a flat belly,right?

And here’s what I found and what I’ve been doing lately.
(By the way,these are no-brainer tips that all of us already know)

  • Eat healthy foods that high in fiber.I”ve been eating a bowl of oatmeal everyday for breakfast.It lasts almost three hours until get hungry again.And if I do,I eat banana. Then two hours later,I eat apple and Swiss cheese.
  • I used to eat leftover rice and whatever Filipino dish I made like a stew,adobo,etc.
  • Drink a lot of water.Water helps to lose weight and I’m not drinking a lot of it.I make sure I’m always hydrated.
  • Reduce carbs. I like rice and potatoes.I’m doing good reducing my consumption on both of them.Drinking water and having snacks like banana or apple helps me not to eat too much carbs.
  • Avoid too much sugar and salt. I love sweets. I love chocolates but not too much on salt.This time I won’t be eating snickers or KitKat everyday especially the Halloween candies that the girls got from their trick-or-treating are tempting.I can still eat them but not everyday.
  • Do aerobic exercise.My plan is to walk at least four miles a day which I did last Saturday despite the very cold weather.Until now I still feel sore,though.It’s hard to do it on weekdays since I get up at 4:30 to get ready for work.I know I walk a lot at school but I’m not sure how many miles I walk.
  • More sit-ups,stretching,push ups. Daily workout or exercise takes a lot of time and dedication.They say this the effective way to get rid of flat belly aside from eating balanced-diet.When we squeeze our belly,it helps to tighten the muscle.

If I become consistent with this plan,my goal of having a flat belly is possible within few weeks.I hope these tips will work for me and I’ll let you know.

Have a great start of the week,guys!


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On meeting my own deadlines

DSC_3430I could say I had a great and productive week. Though my cleaning job makes me busy five days a week,still, I made sure to set my own deadlines on how to keep everything moving.I have two separate notebooks for my weekly and monthly goals: family,personal,work and chores. This week,I also got busy doing my other job,as a local coordinator for exchange students. I had to meet them last night for our monthly meeting then make progress reports.Also, we’re already on the move for the next school year’s students’ placement (which makes me so excited and busier!).

Personal goals:

I’m already finished rewriting one chapter of my book and gave it to another friend to edit and now I’m rewriting the second chapter. My goal at the end of November is to finish the first draft.Then finish the second draft in the whole month of December.

We went to DMV this afternoon to update my driver’s license.I had to update the address and since I became a citizen,they updated my records,too! I also finished my grocery shopping after that.So this weekend,it’s off the list!

On weekends I do my workout. Walking/jogging on early Saturday and Sunday mornings then I try to do in the afternoons too.I’m planning to do more sit-ups and run faster!


My husband keeps the house clean in the morning since I’m at work from 5:15a until 1:15p from Monday to Friday.I appreciate what he does at home while I’m gone.Like making the bed.As long as the house doesn’t look like a disaster then I’m good.Our oldest daughter attends kindergarten,so he only has our youngest one,most of the time.He takes her shopping at Walmart from time to time or when he does errands. No babysitter needed but if we do,our nice neighbor watches her for couple hours.


Keeping the house clean

I always want our house looks organized and clean,everyday.Having two girls is challenging that’s why I’m always reminding them to pick up after themselves.Usually,I clean the house every Saturday.I sweep the floor,clean the bathroom and finish laundry.This weekend’s goal is to organize our closet because it’s all pretty messy!

DSC_3432Family time

When I get home,I’m in charge of everything.Doing laundry,helping our daughters with their homework,cooking dinner,etc.


Reading at night is our bonding time.We spend almost 30 minutes until they fall asleep.I plan to do more activities with them.Since it’s getting cold out,I like indoor activities like making cards,coloring or drawing.I should start baking again,I’m thinking!

Hope you have a great weekend,everyone!