My reading goal this week

001Despite my busy buzzy life -including my different work schedules,the little preschooler and family activity tomorrow I’m  squeezing time to read books that interest me.It’s true when you have a preschooler, my schedule needs to be adjusted too!Between work and all these activities of mine,unplugging or should I say minimizing time of internet surfing(that’s why I missed to post yesterday) helps.

I’m trying to keep up with the house but every time I get off work,I’m always tired but doing laundry is the thing I won’t miss,at least. Plus,meal planning and doing some activities with the girls are a little bit overwhelming to me.That’s why I want to read as my relaxing time even though I know I’ll get distracted at least couple times,so sitting on a couch and knowing I’m going to learn new things by reading is like a stress reliever.

I borrowed two books from the library-Making Room and The Money Saving Mom’s Budget.

The first one is all about organizing and how to maximize every nook in your house.I need this book and weeding out our closet is the starter of making this possible.Then the second book-The Money Saving Mom’s Budget-authored by Crystal Paine,a blogger, is all about saving tips which some are no-brainer like couponing and cooking from scratch and there are tips that new to me that’s why I make sure I will read her book.

And the last book I’m going to read-Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert,I never watched the movie though but finding this at Goodwill store (for .99 cents!) made me do a little impulse buying.It has a lot of positive reviews and reading someone’s memoir like this is beyond fascinating to me.I could borrow this at the library ( I just saw few days ago that it’s available) but this kind of book is a keeper and it will be in my book shelves.


Another thing I’m looking forward to.

I need to motivate myself to be creative and get our girls’ room organized.We are planning to donate clothes they outgrown and few toys,but starting this kind of project is a little bit intimidating. I’m afraid if I start something with so much energy with extra motivation then suddenly I will flunk and ended up disappointed but I was told one step at a time and I HAVE to learn how to wait for its result,in short,there’s no room for being hasty. I know I’ll get there and doing productive things like this,somehow makes me feel better.

Happy weekend everyone!

First day of school

blog 002We were so excited this morning or I should say,I was more excited for our daughter to go to preschool.I got off work at 11 a.m and hurried to get home (just only 3 minutes away) to get our daughter ready for her new little adventure. Welcome,pre-K!

Unlike majority of different school districts,ours is a little behind. Of all the constructions going on,they have to start a week later.Last Monday we went to the school for open house so that our daughter will get a chance to meet her teachers and classmates and familiarize the room she’ll be going 4 times a week (No class on Fridays). She was amazed by the number of toys,puzzles and educational materials in their room and honestly speaking,I was more amazed. I think she will get good education and it will help her develop some skills.

Of course,I have to take picture of this moment and I’ll be doing this every year for her keepsake.

As expected,she cried when we dropped her to the school’s entrance when her three teachers waiting for her and other classmates.Before we left,one of her teachers asked us,if it’s okay to hold her while they’re heading inside the building. It wasn’t hard for me to see her cry because we’ve been there many many times when I used to take them at daycare for two years.I saw worse than that but I knew she’ll be okay in few minutes.

They ate first then did some activities. She’s in the afternoon session-from 12 noon until 3:20 p.m while waiting for her,I did some errand like going to the post office and buy stamps then I took our youngest daughter at the library. We stayed there at least 1.5 hours then we stayed at the house for a little bit then went to the school to pick up the big sister.The traffic was not bad but it was hard to find a parking spot,so we walked not too far and saw our daughter waiting for us outside the school building while my husband (since he works at the school) is outside too!

Our preschooler was so happy to see me and her little sister,she gave me a hug and told me “she was really scared” and said goodbye to her teachers and friends. The we stopped by at the park for few minutes,they didn’t get the chance to use the slide because it’s wet,it rained so hard this morning but I promised them that we’ll be back tomorrow.

Her first day started a little rough at first but it went well all throughout and I’m sure she’ll be okay tomorrow because her picture will be taken.I’m so excited!

In the next two weeks

blog 028My morning shift was changed again,from 4 am to an hour early. It means my new shift for the next two weeks will be from 3 am to 11 am,it will be 8 straight hours for me but thank goodness I’m off this coming Saturday. But I’m pretty sure,I’ll be back on Sunday then off on Labor day.

I worked last Saturday for my coworker that’s why I don’t have to work this Saturday and we are planning to go to studio to take the girls yearly picture. Even we have camera,we opted to go to this place which is very affordable when they run promotions. Usually, we spend $45 if we want to have another shot for them.

The specials they’re going on this month is for $14.99 for one shot (we choose to have family picture) and we’ll get different sizes and number of pieces.

I’ll be lie low on social media (mostly Facebook) because there are tons of things going on aside from my new schedule.This coming Wednesday is our daughter’s first day of school,we’re planning to have our haircut,so I have to call my hair stylist when she becomes available.It’s our girls’ first time to get haircut professionally.I used to cut their bangs and it’s been a while when I gave them haircut,now it’s the hair stylist’s turn to do theirs much better than I did.

I still have two books to read,closet to be cluttered,grocery shopping to be done in couple days and few things going on.It’s really busy and it will be a little different when our oldest daughter will spend 3.5 hours at the pre-school but her schedule is from Monday through Thursday.She will always have long weekends for this school year.

I have to adjust my sleeping time or I have take a nap in the afternoon.I can handle 6 to 7 straight hours of sleep but less than 6,I feel tired and crabby. And doing so,I have to start making everything early like supper, the girls’ bath and putting them to bed earlier than normal.

P.S-I will keep on blogging as much as possible on daily basis.