Why am I self-publishing a book?


I thought publishing a book would only take a year—a maximum— to do the whole process. But I was wrong. I had no clue from the very beginning. Writing alone my whole manuscript took me almost a year. Then five more months for editing process, and if I everything works out, my first book will be published by November. I’ll be self-publishing through Createspace,  an Amazon company.

While my manuscript is being edited, I keep on reading online articles about publishing steps. First, I have to find a literary agent and that includes submitting a few query letters until someone represents your work. Expect that you would get tons of rejections.

But let’s say you already got an agent. The next step is to find a publisher. Literary agents pitch your book to different publishers until you get a contract. And just like finding an agent, finding a publisher is another test. You can read many stories of these bestselling books that got rejected by different publishing, and that’s given. Some of them became a world hit, though. Twilight and The Help are just examples.

Let’s say after a few months finally you got a publisher, then the publication process takes place. Based on what I’ve read, it would take at least a year or two to have your book available on the market.

And I can’t wait that long!

I know we should give it time, but for me, it’s way too long. I gave enough time between writing and editing. And adding this waiting time is somewhat discouraging. But in fairness with traditional publishers, they will cover most of the costs. They would give you a “flat fee” and marketing assistance while in self-publishing world, the author shoulders the costs and you’re the one who will do the marketing. But what I like about self-publishing is I have all the control over my work unlike when you go to traditional route, you would give up some rights. Right now, I don’t need to worry about changing my book title or cover design.

The cost is one of the reasons why some aspiring authors don’t consider self-publish, but it’s worth a try!

Happy Friday, everyone!


How we got out of credit card debts?


Happy Monday, my dear readers!

Today I’ll be sharing with you some ways how we got out of credit card debts. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time now (I’ve been blogging for almost three years!), you know about our situation. We were in a huge credit card debts for so long and finally, just a few weeks ago we’re credit card debt-free!

And I’m loving it!

At one point, we were down to $9,000 credit card debts until we racked it up again. When we paid off all these plastic cards, we paid almost $19,000. Yup, you read it right, we accumulated that much with all the purchases, interests, and investing!

It’s enticing to keep applying for a card and carry that around wherever you go. Why not? The “no annual fee” and “zero interest”for a certain amount of time was enough reason to be excited. I kept on promising myself that we would pay it off until the promotional offer expires. But it’s the other way around. We paid off a couple of them and the rest wasn’t a good news.

Then our investment house came in— charged here and there until our balances skyrocketed. Although we did frugal ways— less eating out, less shopping and try hard to save some money— still we’re in debt. We found ways to increase our income. My husband and I took a school custodian jobs that helped us to save even more. I found another part-time job as a local coordinator for exchange students that brought a little money that helped our budget.

When we finally sold our investment house, although we didn’t make much money as we expected, still we decided to pay off our credit cards. The feeling of not shelling out big chunk of our income to pay these is priceless.

My husband and I have different approach when it comes to debts. Sometimes he’s trying to be funny when I told him I hate debts because I’m not used to it, but he tells me he’s an American and debts are part of his life.

Seriously, this is one reason I don’t like and I’m sure a lot of us don’t: Work many hours to pay that bill!

So here are my tips I can share with all of you:

  • Keep a frugal life. Keeping life simple and frugal will help you to get out of debt, or don’t go into debt. Contentment is the key!
  • Increase your income. To get out of debt quickly, increasing our income is a good agent for debt-free road! Frugal life and more income are great combination.
  • Find ways to save money as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s only cents or a dollar. Every penny counts, right?
  • Try to invest wisely. We learned from our venture and the good news is we made a little money to pay-off our credit cards.
  • And do the same cycle. If you find it seems impossible, just keep trying. These tips helped us to get out of this debt rut.

Always be inspired to have a credit card debt-free life, everyone, because if we did it then you can do it, too!




Our trip to the zoo

DSC_3875Hello my dear readers!

As I promised last week when we got lost   went to Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, I would share some pictures about our visit.

So here we go!


This reminds me of the movie, Happy Feet. One penguin was showing off his dance moves.


Inside the Aquarium

DSC_3927If they could only do selfie!


Butterfly Garden


Inside the Desert Dome


The highlight of our visit— riding the skyfari.


It was a long but fun day!

I hope you a great weekend!