Early trick or treat


Halloween is only a few days away and the girls already started getting some treat. We’re caught by surprise last Saturday when we went to Hy-Vee to do our weekly grocery shopping when they said there would be trick or treat  for kids. Then we started seeing kids in their cute Halloween costumes lining up at the entrance where they get a Halloween treat (grocery) bag. Needless to say, our girls were only wearing the casual outfit that looked like they’re just here because you know, their mother had no choice but to take them with her.


But a good thing a nice Hy-Vee employee told me they can still join even though they’re not have a Halloween costume and each one of them also got a treat bag. Then we went to different departments of the store where they got a box of crayons and a coloring paper…


…decorated a cookie


….and of course, candies, candies, candies!

P.S.- In case you’re all wondering where’s our other daughter? Well, she wasn’t in the mood for this! She said.

Hope you’re having a great start of the week!


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How much is enough?


These are only their long sleeves clothes, pants, and dresses. They have a separate closet for their shirts, shorts, and skirts! Yeah, that manyyyy!!!

When we moved to this house last year, only two bedrooms are available for all of us to sleep. The girls’ bedroom (which will eventually become an office) is not that big. They don’t have a big closet where all their clothes would fit. And as a mother of two daughters, buying clothes (at Goodwill!) is one of my weaknesses. If I go to that store and see a .99 or .49 cents tag clothing price and there’s a nice clothes for that price, you bet,  I make sure I buy that because I also get a 10% discount.

Also, I always like to dress them up with different outfits and I’m one of the guilty moms out there!


But after I organized their closet last week, I ended up having no room for our youngest daughter Olivia’s pants. These twenty pairs of pants including leggings, carpi pants, etc. are all laying on the floor right now. To be honest, they have too much and it’s mind-opening how come we accumulated these many. Most of them are hand-me-down from her sisters and a few of them are the ones I bought from clearance racks.


But the good news is we’re getting rid some of them. Those clothes that won’t fit anymore and they don’t use that much. I’m trying to simplify our life by owning less clothes and donating some of them to Goodwill or by giving it to a friend that has a daughter that could use them (which we already did!) is a great start.

This week, I will organize my closet and we’ll see how much clothes I will get rid of!

Let’s start simplifying our life by not owning a lot of stuffs!

Have a great  and safe weekend, my dear readers!


Simple things I do for easier morning

dsc_4756Not having a full-time job gives me more time to attend to my family’s needs especially with our two daughters. But as a person who always finds things to do, I make my days filled with errands, chores, and doing my favorite hobbies (blogging, writing, reading, etc.) and that makes my  schedule a hectic one. Our daughters both attend school-one is a first-grader that goes to school all day while our preschooler attends a half day class. So, even though I don’t have a 9 to 5 job five days a week, I’m like other parents who try to fulfill my duties everyday. And I always love to start my day productively— meaning a less stress and an organized morning routine.

  • I give the girls a bath the night before. I’m strict with the girls morning wake up time. At 6:30, I expect them to be up (which they usually do), use the restroom, brush their hair, and eat the breakfast I prepared. They finish eating in fifteen minutes and they change clothes, brush their teeth, and I fix their hair. A few times, I gave them a bath in the morning but it’s much easier if they do it the night before. It saves me a lot of time of doing it.
  • And I do the same, too. I like my morning shower, but since I’m no longer working, I find it’s easier to take a shower the night before.
  • The school clothes are laid out the night before. Our girls are old enough to choose what outfit they want to wear to school. I believe in giving our daughters choices when it comes to this so that they will have room for experimentation as long as they choose appropriate clothing for the weather. It happens when they want to wear a skirt without leggings on a chilly morning. Nah to that!
  • We already know what’s for breakfast. Just like me, our daughters don’t like to eat the same food over and over again. So, I give them different choices—cereal, pancakes and sausage, pop tarts, or toast bread? And they tell me the night before what they want and the morning they get up, it’s all ready waiting for them on the table.
  • They can help themselves. We’re training our daughters to be independent. That’s why I let them dress themselves, brush their teeth, and put their shoes and clothes on mostly without a help from me, and I do other things like making the bed or putting away dishes.
  • Book bags and homework are all ready. They do their homework once they get home from school, and I always check if there’s a note that their teacher sent home or there’s a book needs to be returned. I also make sure their book bags are ready to go every morning. I don’t like it when we’re stressed out finding misplaced things right before we’re about to leave the house.
  • Dishes are done. I don’t like leaving our kitchen sink full of dishes every night. I feel my mind is cluttered. I always make sure it’s done right away after eating our supper and since I started using our dishwasher a couple weeks ago, this is something I don’t have to worry about every night or every morning.
  • Laundry is finished. I do laundry every night and the morning I wake up, I just put them in the dryer and fold them later in the morning.
  • I ask help. My husband and I are teaching our daughters how to keep the house clean by putting away their toys, books, crayons, etc., to where they belong. A few times, it’s a battle with them when they tell us they’re too tired to clean and it’s boring. But we can still manage them to do their part and that makes my day easier.
  • I only sweep the floor every other day. It only takes me fifteen minutes to sweep the floor (living room, girls’ bedroom, dining area, and the kitchen floor). I used to do it every day, but I decided doing it every other day is not a bad thing unless the house looks like a disaster.
  • I always write my to-do list from top priorities to not-so important errands. I encourage you all to do this every night because writing a to-do list really helped me to be productive every day. I always know what plans I have the morning I wake up, and that gives me peace of mind of not forgetting something.

These are the simple things I do the night before so that my morning is not a struggle, and I can enjoy the rest of the day feeling happy and light!

I would love to know how you do yours!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!