My 2017 goals so far

Every few months I got back to my yearly goals list to see if I’m achieving them, or at least, close to achieving one of them. I listed a few goals for the year of 2017 and I’m so happy that some of them are happening.

So far, I’m healthy. I haven’t gotten sick since the beginning of the year (and that’s a great news!).

I’ve been spending quality time with our daughters. I’m a homebody and usually they stay home with me where we clean the house together (this is a little bit challenging though!), read books, and draw. I took them to the park a couple times when the weather was nice. They also went for a walk with me. And once the weather gets nicer, we’ll ride a bike.

Using time productively is on and off. I get easily distracted but I’m working really hard on this one.

My workout routine is okay. My goal is to exercise at least one hour a day but lately, I’ve only been doing half an hour. But I’ll try to get back on my routine.

I found a part-time job! Last January, I started working as a sub-librarian at the local public library. And I really love it!

I started writing my second book last January and so far, I’m over 10,000 words! I’m so happy about this!

This photo was for my early drafts for my first book. I just used it for visual purposes.

Be more frugal. We don’t have any expensive purchases as of late except groceries and buying clothes for Marie (that girl is getting big! She’ll be seven this summer!)

Practice minimalism. I’m so happy to get rid of unused clothes, shoes, and toys these past few months. We’ll be getting rid of more items in weeks to come.

My first book!

For some reason, I never included publishing my first book. But the good news is I just did! Pesos to Pennies is on Amazon now!

I always believe in writing our goals and once in a while revisit them to see your progression. If it’s not happening, find out. Questions like, “Why I can’t make it happen?” “Do I invest enough time on it?” or “What things still need to be done?

Procrastination is my enemy on reaching these goals, but I always remind myself of this list because I know we don’t have enough time to waste.

I hope you’re reaching your goals too!

Gladys Starkey

We watched “Elvis”

I attended the salad supper last night at the parish center here in town. I’m a member of St. Anne’s Altar Society in our church and last night was my first time to attend this event. It was a girls’ night! ¬†Our friend asked me if I wanted to come. I made it last night because my husband made it home to watch the girls. There were about one hundred ladies attended.

Then here came “Elvis” who entertained us with a few songs that made some ladies got excited even though the one in front of us was an impersonator. To be honest, I’m only familiar with a couple Elvis’ songs (Can’t help falling in love” is the one!) It was a great show and before the event ended, they picked who had the best costume. The lady who won and happened to be Olivia’s classmate’s mom was wearing a cute Elvis-era outfit and she was driving 1955 Chevy. How cool is that! The bow, the Elvis poodle skirt, the Elvis shoes. I’d seen them last night! The program lasted for two hours and the even organizers did an amazing job. The decorations, foods, and prizes.¬†Simple night out like this is fun and meeting other ladies made it more fun!

The meaning behind my book title

When I started writing my book two years ago, thinking about a title wasn’t easy. I know how important a book title is. It should be catchy, easy to remember, and has a meaning behind it. I came up with a few titles while I was still working on the first draft but I changed it as soon as I thought it didn’t fit to what I was writing about. My first concept of writing this book was about my jobs I had in this country as an immigrant. So in honor of my fellow Filipinos who work abroad, I decided to use the monetary unit of the Philippines and the U.S.

My book editor thought the title Pesos to Pennies was misleading because people would think Mexico when they hear the word “peso.” (Then I thought this could be a learning opportunity for many Americans. Philippines uses peso because of the Spaniards!) Then I came up with another title, Amerika, which was not a preferable title for some friends. So I stick to the first. Basically, this is based on my new life in this country since I came over here eight years ago. I came from the Philippines (Pesos as monetary unit) and I moved to America (Pennies). For immigrants like me, living in this country is like starting from scratch—new culture, new friends, new food, new language, etc.

I’m happy with this title and I hope this background will give you an idea what my book is all about!

Happy Monday, my dear readers!

Gladys Starkey