Things I want to do before I die

blog 012If there are “1,000 ¬†things to do before you die”. “A 1,000 places to see before you die”. I have a lot of things I want to do before I die.

Hello bucket list!

Many but I won’t have 1,000 list on here. You would be spending all day reading that list but first,I would be writing that list like forever. This list is mostly about material things but not stuffs. I’ll leave my first priorities unwritten because I know in my heart,I want to spend time with my family. And spending quality time with our girls is another priority.

Okay.What are the things I want to do in my life before I go?

Hopefully someday,I will cross out,if not all, but even some of it.I think they’re fun!

  1. I love to travel. I want to see different places and meet different people. I want to travel Europe first.
  2. I want to publish my own book.
  3. Watch a concert at Madison square garden of Eminem,Madonna or Janet Jackson.I like them all!
  4. To visit NYC and go to Central park,take a picture of Rockefeller Center and eventually see the Statue of Liberty.
  5. Go to Paris,London,Milan or NYC to watch models walk the runway with those gorgeous designer clothes.
  6. See the Hollywood sign. It looks interesting.
  7. Learn French.
  8. Go to Milan. I want to meet Kite and give me tour to the very nice place.
  9. Visit Ireland where my husband’s ancestors came from.
  10. Go cruise.
  11. To visit some African countries.
  12. To be a consistent home organizer. I’m really working hard on this one day by day.
  13. To talk to a friend of mine who’s in federal prison right after her release.I want to know how she survives,what she does to let the boring day pass by,how she keeps her sanity,how much fears she counts every morning she wakes up. I think to listen what she would say is so fascinating to me.
  14. Move to a smaller house. I’m so addicted watching documentaries about tiny houses.
  15. Travel twice a year in the Philippines to see my family. That’s cool,isn’t it?
  16. To have my sister come over and live with me. I’m more like a mother to her.
  17. To work for a company that operates worldwide and will give me chance to travel and visit its different regions and get some executive job even for short years. Just to experience the fun of it.
  18. I want my blog to become popular. I’m not talking about being on top of the top but getting more visitors and comments everyday will do.
  19. To attend BlogHer conference.
  20. To learn somersault. This is the one thing I’ve never learned growing up while my old friends do it like nothing. I’m so jealous!
  21. I want my husband be successful to his new endeavor.
  22. To give speech and inspire other moms out there who have the same financial situation and simple lifestyle we have.
  23. To be a good cake decorator.
  24. Learn how to cook Japanese.
  25. To have two weeks vacation in Belize.
  26. Tour the White House.
  27. To go to Pennsylvania and meet some Amish families.
  28. Dine at The French Laundry. When Laura blogged about it, my jaw dropped few minutes after I surfed the restaurant’s website. Holy smoke! The cheapest meal is $295! And the wine of bottle.I choose not to discuss the dollars will be talking about.
  29. Visit Amsterdam and visit Ann Frank house.
  30. To have beach house in Florida. I’m so in love with the weather down there.
  31. To go to Ellen Degeneres show. Although I don’t watch much TV but I think it’s nice to watch her live,I know it’ll be worth it,she’s funny anyway.
  32. To have at least $50K in our savings account.I could dream more amount but I’ll keep it on this figure.
  33. To meet Warren Buffet. He lives only an hour away from us. Yay to Omaha! I would ask him what’s the best advice he would give us,given the financial condition we have.I know an obvious answers coming from him but to hear his deep advice is what I’m shooting for.
  34. To visit my aunt in California. I’ve been here for over five years now,still I haven’t seen her (and the family)yet.
  35. To go to a stadium and watch Superbowl live. I would be crazy watching fans’ different reactions and the game itself too!
  36. To talk to CEO of companies I’ve worked for and working for. To talk to them how to treat their employees better.
  37. To see different currencies around the world. That would be soooooo interesting!
  38. To be a stay-at-home mom,blogger and author. Sigh here!
  39. To be debt-free! We have to be in this status first, financially speaking before I could do most of these crazy thoughts of mine. Heh.
  40. To keep our simple life.

There you go guys!

Some of my lists are downright over the top but that’s what I want to do before I die. As you can notice,I didn’t write owning something expensive except having a smaller house that ours (for cheaper mortgage payment and it’s easier to keep up with it). I’m not more on acquiring,Louis Vuitton bags,Rolex or designer shoes. I just want experiences to satisfy my curious imagination.

Have a fun Wednesday!

How busy my life is?

blog 007I know “busy” is a timeworn word for everybody especially to a lot of mothers. Those with kids,full time job and more duties and responsibilities plus errands to do. Cough.Cough!

Before,I could stay up until 11 at night but lately I’ve been snoozing before 10 o’clock at night. Thanks to my different work schedules,no nap time anymore and doing my job as a mom to our girls and a wife. I’m telling you,it’s a lot and sometimes-overwhelming.

I have no specific time to write my blog.Some days you will notice I publish my blog too early in the morning like 6 o’clock or before lunch time or later in the afternoon.I try my best to sneak out or let the girls watch movie for a little and leave me for a while in our office.

Let’s say tomorrow,my schedule is 6 a.m to 1 p.m. Usually,I have lunch ready for my family to eat before I come home. If they wait for me to get our lunch ready,they would always starving.Our fridge usually have something,like my husband can make his own sandwiches or make mac and cheese for the girls.Or if we have any baked potato leftovers,and we always have eggs,sausage or bacon and my husband makes “brunch”.

Every time I get back from work,the house is pretty well kept. I am very lucky to have a husband who doesn’t like dirty house!

I gave up napping in the afternoon,even if it’s only for an hour.As much as possible,I want to take a nap with our youngest one while the oldest still at the school.It happened to me when I took a nap in the afternoon and I forgot to set the alarm clock.I woke up late.Late enough to pick up our daughter at the school.I felt so embarrassed but they understood how I felt because I just worked overnight.And didn’t get a chance to take a nap in the morning.It was a little messed up that day.I really felt bad for our daughter.A good thing,I called my husband right away to pick up our girl who’s been waiting for almost half an hour.She’s the only student left in the building.

Let’s say my daughter is at the school.What do I do with those hours waiting for her? I barely take a nap now unless our youngest one naps a little early.The bad thing is I have to wake her up in the middle of her cat nap and it’s time for us to pick up her sister.We watch movie together.I do laundry most of the time.I take time to rest too.

It’s also my time to surf the internet for a little bit or write post for the day or the next day.

If I decided not to do any chores because I feel like I’m very tired. I just read book. If we still have enough time before the pick up time. We go to the library and let the youngest one play games or read book.Most of the time,I bring something home with me to borrow. Like couple movies and couple books.

At 3 :30 pm,we get home. I give the girls something to snack on,like juice and crackers and give them time to watch for half hour while I finishing other stuffs around the house.

I don’t start preparing supper until 5 o’clock.My husband gets home at 6 :30 p.m and I start cleaning up the table an hour later.Between 7:30 pm and 8 :30 pm, I let our girls take bubble bath.They love to play in the water while I’m doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. And that includes sweeping the kitchen floor and wiping the kitchen counter.

The girls go to bed at 9 p.m,so I have to make sure I’m done with everything. If they resist their sleep,we read books or I let them play their toys. They love blocks,coloring books and dolls. And they can make a huge mess. Luckily,they know how to pick up.I try to extend my night but I fail many times.When I put them to bed,I also fall asleep. Before that,I already have their clothes ready for the next day especially when the oldest one goes to school.My husband is not good at it.

That’s how busy my normal day is but I’ll be fortunate when I’m off.I don’t feel dragging myself too much on doing stuffs but I get through it!


A girl’s birthday party

blog 007We went to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party yesterday.I’m glad,it’s my day off after working Saturday overnight shift.I got a chance to take a nap for a little bit in the morning but I felt good. The party started at 4 p.m,this time the kids had a chance to play bowling. Just to see their reaction is priceless. And they danced to every music played. I wished I had my camcorder with me but I just took pictures of it.

blog 003The birthday girl and my girls. They’re friends. We only stayed here for couple hours. One hour bowling for the kids and one hour eating pizza, cake,having drinks and opening presents. The cake was so good!

blog 008It’s our girls first time to be in that place and play bowling. They had a blast and I’m thinking,we might take them there once in a while.

blog 059After the party,we went to our friend’s new place.The birthday girl’s mother. It’s a tiny place but very nice the way she decorated it. The house is perfect for her and her daughter.I can live in a small space like this. One bedroom,one restroom,small kitchen and small living room. I’m fascinated by tiny houses.I’m very happy and proud of her. She cooked a lot of Filipino foods.We only stayed for 1.5 hours because I have my husband’s cousin’s wife with me.Although,I think there was no problem with her staying late at the party but the girls were getting tired and they fell asleep while we’re heading home.