Retirement party

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Last Saturday after I worked overnight,we went to our friend’s husband’s retirement party. We arrived half hour after the set time but it started a little later.Some arrived later than we did because of our jobs(dang work!).

blog 027The party was Hawaiian theme.The couple lived in Hawaii for years while the retiree served for how many years.Then moved back in Midwest for good,where he’s originally from.

blog 003And because of that.I brought fruit salad.We’re not asked to bring anything but I decided why not.It’s easy to prepare and perfect for the party’s theme and I’m sure majority of the guests like it.I layered different kinds of fruits-pineapple,oranges,strawberries,grapes,raspberries and I topped it off with sliced lemon.

blog 011It was a lot of fun and made sure our girls will feel the fun.I had them wear swimsuits and skirts.They danced and met new little friends.

blog 029The retiree and my friend posed for a picture.He deserves this party for being in the workforce for 18 years and in military service for 20 years.Cheers!

This made my week…

blog 007In one week,checks keep on coming in our mailbox (and we want more!). First I got my cash back bonus from one of my credit cards with 0% interest.I’m trying to be well-disciplined using this even I don’t have to pay interest yet.

My $18.93 check!

Unlike other credit card companies,you need to have at least $20 cash back amount before they credit it to your statement,deposit electronically or mail you a check.Even if it’s only $5,you can request for that,if you can’t wait to have it.

$60.76 check.

This is a settlement overdraft from the bank where we used to do business with.Unfortunately,we opted to close it for few reasons and that includes the charges they give to their customers.I wasn’t surprised when they got class action lawsuit from mindful current and previous customers.I got an email months ago about it and I replied that we wanted to be involved. Luckily,we won!

The lawsuit is about the transaction posting process and that process made tons of accounts to be overdraft and be slapped by a terrifying fee. Yes,even banks can scam you!

We didn’t get charged many times and the settlement is calculated by the overdraft history of your account and the percentage of the fee. I know it’s not that much but it’s almost $61,eh!

And I can’t wait to ┬áput these checks to the place where they belong because this amount is worth a week of our groceries!


One of my dreams…

blog 018If there’s one material thing I wanted to do,given by chance and choice to make and budget (of course!), I wanted to travel. I love reading books and watching documentaries about different places. For me,I will enjoy life more to see different things and meet different folks whom we shared this planet with. To learn different cultures,listen to different languages and all these things we would learn all throughout the journey.

A fellow Filipina blogger,Kite,posted beautiful beach pictures.I was amazed how a certain place exists like that.

I haven’t been to New York City or California yet.I’m reserving my excitement these coming years with our little girls.But I’m so blessed to see different states in a very short period of time when my husband used to be an over-the-road truck driver.

I love to hear beautiful stories and insights from different people who traveled different countries.The beauty of traveling itself is not only about the place but experiences you had.Like,my first time in Las Vegas.It was so hot but to see boring roads while heading there made me promise “this will be my last time going with my husband being on the road” but to see the skyscrapers and see places that I’ve only seen on movies,I changed my mind. Yes,the heat of the area was killing me which is funny because coming from the Philippines.In Vegas,very very few trees,humidity is so high,concrete roads and it’s just scorching hot.But one thing is for sure,I can go back there anytime,any day for a vacation.

We’ve been to some beautiful places.

018Going to East coast is new to me.Although,sitting in the truck for countless hours is like a boredom but seeing beautiful places can suffice it.He showed me the endless view of Wyoming and Idaho and you can’t see nothing but fields and mountains.

IMG_0309One thing I’m so happy about is to see the Mount Rushmore.To see its sculpture is amazing. The person behind this idea is beyond genius.

IMG_0304Fifty flags are swaying.

IMG_0327The history is written and documented.

IMG_0375Even they say there’s nothing really interesting to see the Badlands but for me it is quite the view.


IMG_0912Even we only roamed the downtown Disney.It’s quite a journey.Too big place to walk around and it will make your feet tired walking but watching number of people going by,is enough word to say this place is worth to visit.

IMG_0917Maybe next year,we will take our girls here to start this dream I have.Travel.

Don’t worry,we will get there.When?Who knows but I’m keeping my promise to myself and to my blog!

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