I ate bread instead


Last week I thought I had everything I needed, grocery wise. I made sure we have milk,water,fruits,meat and personal hygiene products on hand that will last for the entire week. I was wrong.I forgot one thing-canned pineapple.Since the price of half ham at Walmart was pretty cheap,I decided to buy one. I know it will be good for two meals.My husband likes to make sandwich out of the leftover ham or I fry it the day after and eat it with rice.Yum!

I really wanted to buy the canned pineapple at the mini-mart (which I very seldom do,this is only for emergency!) before I go home after work.I didn’t because I didn’t have time this afternoon.I forgot my husband has appointment to give blood to Red Cross at 1 pm and I didn’t get off work until 1:10 pm.I really forgot his appointment even he reminded me twice the night before.That happens,right?

So,I decided just to make a quick trip after I pick up our daughter from preschool.It’s really cold here plus the wind blowing. You really don’t want to be out and do something. I thought I had the best plan for the quick trip since we only need a can of pineapple. Plan changed.We spent few more minutes walking around the store as the two little girls complained they’re hungry. This is not really advisable to bring hungry kids when you’re shopping. Instead of spending only $1.69 for the main item,I ended up paying almost $6 today for the juice and crackers for the girls. And mini-marts or convenience stores charge higher than big grocery stores.

Our bill would’ve been almost $10 because I was a little hungry too! Shopping when you’re hungry is really a big no-no! I was stopped at the store’s little stand with different kinds of breads-Danish rolls,kolaches and turnovers.They’re all mouthwatering.I looked at them carefully to read the flavors and the prices.They’re expensive and I wasn’t surprised,though.

I think three times whether to buy it or not. Back of my mind says,”get it! because you’re hungry” and my conscience says, “you can make them from scratch and it’s way cheaper!“.But I have to wait. Then I remember that I’m not a kid anymore.I am practicing my delayed gratification.I can still make it home even my stomach was screaming from hunger and there was still a leftover pandesal I made very early this morning. I put it in the microwave to get softer because I don’t want to eat bread straight from the fridge where my husband stored after they ate breakfast.

I felt satisfaction doing my decision that I’m still okay just eating the bread we have at home rather than spending for a delicious yet expensive one.Next time,I will learn how to make Danish rolls and turnovers. I know how to make kolaches anyway.I think this is a reminder for me to go bake again like I used to and make these types of breads.Hmm….

How to stop procrastinating and be productive?

DSC_2352 One of my favorite topics to post here on my blog is productivity.I have major issues with it.It’s like we have love and hate relationship over and over again.There are days I’m super productive that my husband always ended up asking me “if I’m sick? (insert the Aha! moment face)” for doing chores nonstop.Like cleaning bathroom and organizing the kitchen. I struggle most of the time. I even self-proclaimed that I’m lazy at one point. I blamed my work schedules and my lack of motivation and even having two little girls.Their toys and other stuffs make it worse for me day after day. DSC_2353 How could I leave the office desk like this when it can be picked up in less than 15 minutes? I wrote down (for self-experiment) the things that made me feel motivated cleaning not only the area I like to clean but every nook in the house. Except the garage because it’s my husband’s territory but maybe (MAYBE) ,I’ll mess with it this spring. For me to be productive and stop procrastinating,here are the simple steps I just started doing:

  • Get up and move! How many times I wanted to do simple chores at home like folding laundry or organizing my book shelves?Too many. And many many times I let the day pass for putting them off and I always feel bad. What I usually do now is I make sure I get up and start moving. It’s like when we’re done with our supper,the longer I sit around the less energy I have to do the dishes.Maybe it’s only me who feels this way.But I get lazy right away when I’m not moving.
  • Make sure you are rested up. Usually on my day off,I’m at the zenith of my productivity. I wake up early,do laundry,clean the girls’ bedroom and make breakfast for the family while they’re still sleeping.It really makes a difference when you have all the energy in your body to do things you wanted to do. Since I work from 5am to 1pm,I become lethargic when I get home. It seems like all my energy for the day was taken right before I leave the convenience store. I take rest for a little bit until I’m back in the groove.
  • Unplug the distractions. Whether it’s your phone,TV or computer makes a hindrance to your productivity,I would suggest to turn them off while you’re in the productivity mission.I can prove you this because I’ve dealt with it countless times.That’s why I started putting a limit on my internet surfing.Although blogging takes time but other than that (like spending time on social media or looking for celebrity latest photos or articles) should not be too long. We do online billing and it only takes me few minutes to check balances or make payments.
  • Plan. I’m a type of person who has an obsession with “writing to-do-list” the night before or even a day before.I don’t want to miss important task for the day and that includes writing my plan for the entire day.
  • Break it down. What discouraged me from the previous attempt of being productive was the fear of being overwhelmed. Cleaning our bathroom,which is not that big,takes half day to finish. To scrub the tub,toilet, and sink took a lot of time for me but I’m not complaining.I was very proud of myself for that little accomplishment,to be honest. When I clean,I already have plans what things I need to do first. And do it one step at a time.
  • Focus.Focus.Focus! Don’t let any distractions or even an itch of laziness stop you for being productive and feel better about yourself because I do!When productivity becomes automatic to our daily lives and we finally get rid of this bad habit of procrastinating.I think each day we become more and more productive and we make  things easier.

You might have some tips to share with me and I would be glad to know them.

Cheap Hand Moisturizer


It’s been my fifth winter experience here in the state of Nebraska(that long and that cold) and I endured a lot of skin and hand dryness over the years and tried different products to heal that serious problem of mine. Finally, I found the best and cheapest products that I currently enjoying. After I endured the feeling of burning hands,when they get wet,I thought about using gloves every time I do dishes which I never had because I always forget to buy it.

As I said,I tried few hand moisturizers including a ginger cream from a friend,a corn oil from Walmart and couple hand creams.None of them worked,at least for me. I even tried to wash dishes once a day at home.You know hot water causes skin dryness. I wash dishes at the convenience store at least three times throughout my whole shift (because umm…I  love doing them!) but I feel bad to leave dishes to my husband when he gets home at night.He works until late at night and it’s been a long day for him. Lucky me,he never complains because he knows my two excuses. Tired and my dry hands. Also,I work at the school which is very warm inside and it makes my hands more dry couple hours after I started.

I know there are products out there that work great.Some are pricey and some are cheap and yet,work effectively.Since I self-discovered this one,I will stick to it. Something that I’m really happy.

What you need: 

Suave body lotion (with rich hydrators)- My husband bought this at Walmart since we ran out. We’ve been using this brand for years now but this is new to me-with rich hydrators.It really works.

Petroleum jelly- We all know the beauty of using petroleum jelly. Aside from using this as my lip moisturizer,it makes my hand moisturizer ingredients complete.

What you need to do:

Put the body lotion first to your hands. Then top it off with petroleum jelly. I apply this at least twice a day and my hands are soft and not dry anymore.