I saved food waste


Hello dear readers!

Today I will share with you how we saved food waste the other night by using up vegetables sitting
in the fridge and kitchen pantry for a little while. I’m getting serious on penny-pinching
because of the other day’s post. You know we have a lot of bills to pay just like
many of us.

A little bit of saving here and there because every penny counts,right?

I was a little disappointed last week when I started cleaning our fridge. I found shredded mozarella and
cheddar cheese with mold. One piece of carrot and half bag of pepperoni too!


They didn’t reach the expiration date but letting them sit for too long and not properly
sealed,that’s when it starts getting moldy. I felt really bad,though.


Baby carrots

DSC_3409The girls love to snack on these and I do too but we almost forgot the half bag leftover and I’m glad I found it before it gets bad and throw it.

Red potatoes

I used them (including baby carrots) for making Pork Afritada  for last night’s supper.


DSC_3413This potato was bad. I checked if there’s a way I could save them but there’s no way we can consume it,so I tossed it. I think having weekly menu planning and checking your fridge all the time are the key answer to reduce
food waste. I confess that I stopped doing menu planning but I promised to be consistent from now on.


Where we at… financially speaking?

DSC_3408Last post I promised to write about the status of our finances regards to our credit card debts. And I am REALLY sorry if it takes a little while (almost a week!) because tons of going on lately. I have a progress report to be submitted on time and some stuffs came up on my other job. Now it’s time to blog again. Yay!

If you’ve been around reading my blog,you know that we have one goal. A very important goal for our family, to be able to say someday that we are debt-free! That’s why I started this challenge months ago. I stopped it after updating my readers about our financial progression;sometimes with a little agony of disappointment if nothing positive happens that month.

My husband tried to venture on real estate;flipping house and make money out of it. He found a partner he who thought that would be a great business partner to make money together. It’s been over a year since we started it and before we even finish, things fell apart. We got rid of him and hired someone who will finish fixing the house. My husband doesn’t have carpentry skills. The set up was—he can offer any help,like cleaning the house and be the finance person and his business partner,a carpenter,supposed to do fixing the house without shelling out any cents. It didn’t work out that long and now we’re like someone who was left outside the rain—soaked. As I hated to be in so much debts,now we are in big debts again. We had to use all the resources we have to finish it then sell. Hopefully by next week our house is already on the market.

We learned so much on this business endeavor. A lot. In business,some friendships get ruined. It happened to us. Our marriage was threatened and a lot of stress we had to put up with. Those “I told you so!” moment and other blaming game came in the picture but we have no choice but to deal with it like a couple in front of the altar during the wedding ceremony. For better or  worse,right?

On the brighter side, we take the bullet and aim to continue what we started even we’re not getting the money we are shooting for. At least to get the money we invested on.

I talked to my husband about his business he thought his “calling.” To flip homes,you should be really handy to make money. But when you do this kind of flipping business and you hire people to do work for you,it’s nothing unless someone is willing to take your price. Buyers give offer and it would be your decision to take it on the spot or wait for next luck. Real estate is like a gamble. You win,you lose.

Hopefully,we won’t wait too long after we put this on the market. The longer we keep this house,the more expenses we incur—electricity,utilities,loan interest,etc. That’s why I promised I will post when we pay off all our credit card debts once we’re done with this. No matter what frugality I do,the money keeps of flowing out. It’s disappointing sometimes but we are positive that everything’s will turn out okay. I know that this is a headache and if one of you is planning to dive in this kind of business,it’s okay but please learn from us.


3-Month Challenge: No Purchasing clothes,toys,shoes,etc.

DSC_3356Another challenge I want to do with myself…or should I say challenge for the entire family? If you’ve been reading my blog for so long,you know that we have financial challenge that until now we’re still on it. Anyway, I decided to start another one that will help me reach our goals to be credit card debt free! We’ve been donating few items to Goodwill every time me and my husband bring stuffs either from garage sales, clearance racks or Goodwill. (It’s my rule when I buy new clothes I have to get rid of one or two and this is part of my decluttering process). This is one bold step to take if we want to get rid of debts.

I will start by not buying new stuffs like clothes,shoes,toys or home decorations.

And this is a promise!

My timeframe is three months and not a year because…um…I might break it for that timeframe. So, I will update you every month on this one if I make it or break it. Three-month goal is very achievable.

For clothing:

We have tons. I do. The girls do. So does my husband. We don’t need any new clothes except our little students need to buy a shirt from school as a requirement. I know how enticing it is to find good deals at the store especially when we are talking about the girls’ dresses. They have enough but I let my impulse buying power overrule me a lot of times. And that’s one of my biggest problems. But from now on until the end of the year,no new clothes for them…even from second-hand stores.

For shoes:

We’re complete with everything.Boots,heels,slippers,sandals. I have two pairs of shoes and slippers. No reason for me to buy a pair even they’re on sale or really really cute!

As in Zero! Nada! Zilch!

I double checked  the girls footwear too! It’s confirmed, they don’t need new pair of shoes or boots. Our oldest daughter will outgrow them in a year or two and her little sister is okay with hand-me-down.

For home decors:

I still have few wall decors sitting at the basement that I mostly bought from Goodwill store. I don’t like cluttering our house with countless decorations, I don’t see myself purchasing another one, I promise!

This will really test my creativity and at the same time start practicing minimalism.

Tomorrow,I will blog about our credit card debt journey. Today’s post and tomorrow’s are relevant,so please standby.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!