Our new nesting place


We’re taking this one at a time and I know it will take us at least a month to make this new place like home. This is given.New house is cluttered and finding rooms for everything we own.We thought we got rid of everything we don’t need but still there are some things that need to be donated.We should really own less.And this is my personal recommendation.

DSC_2551This time our new house is bigger and it feels so different to me.Then we ended up buying two new furniture.For this area and for the living room.Our sectional went to our basement as it fits there perfectly.


Our living room.

DSC_2555Our bathroom and laundry room.


Our kitchen and see how messy it is?

DSC_2554We took our refrigerator with us together with our stove but left the microwave for the future home owner of our old house.We found a new one from Habitat for $30!Then we need our friend to install it some other time. The only bad thing of owning a bigger house is you will be obliged to buy stuffs that you really don’t need but I will start scouting to find items from garage sale or second hand stores.

Soon this will look like a real home.





The house is getting empty


This is already happening.We started last Saturday moving to our new house.A good thing my husband knows someone who helped us moved bigger furniture.This is the second time we move.The first move was easy when we only had one daughter with us.As former renters,we didn’t have any appliances and furniture to take with us.This one is longer and tiring one.

Then it rained right before the guys where about to take them inside the house.I offered help as much as I could.I took things I could take with our car.Our place is only less than a mile but I drove at least twenty miles going back and forth to carry the load and with the girls with me.They’re such troopers.No whining from the start until the end.I felt bad for them though for being restless.And they were crashed when we’re about to.One girl felt asleep while I cradled her for less than five minutes.

I learned new things.Like, an oven needs a certain plug wiring.Then two guys came in to help and do the rewiring.We encountered problem right away.Our refrigerator is too big to move out the house.We had to take the doors out and put back in after it’s already situated in the house.I almost  gave up as time is running.We ended almost 9 pm.

We didn’t finish it for one day.The girls clothes,toys and few more plates are still in the house.I take this computer with me here (in the old house) to get internet as we have to wait until next week to have someone from the cable company transfer the service.

We just want to move out and sell the house.We want potential buyers will come anytime they want and not to worry the house is a mess (most of the time it is).

It will take a month to get everything in shape.Especially upstairs.But for now unpacking and putting those things little by little will make this new house a new nesting place for us.I haven’t used the shower in the new house yet.I want to clean it by myself first for my own contentment. I’m glad we’re not doing this every year.


More pictures to come.

When I grow up I want to be… (my daughter’s dream!)


Today is our daughter’s preschool graduation.A very memorable milestone for me and my husband as proud parents.Almost five years ago she was this little tiny six pounds and colicky baby.And now she got her first diploma singing and dancing with her classmates tonight. The program started at 6pm and we ate meal first.Parents brought salad/dessert while the school provided the meal-fried steak,mashed potatoes and hot dogs (for kids!)

After we ate, a slideshow made by their teacher was shown.It’s fun to watch each kid from their first day of school until to this date.


On the slideshow each kid was taken a picture while holding a small chalkboard with their dream written on it.Remember when our teachers used to ask us this kind of question?  It’s amazing what kind of imagination each of them has.There are couple students who want to be a teacher,accountant,archaeologist,farmer and few boys want to be ninjas!

Our daughter has a good one.

She wants to be a mommy! How sweet is that? I asked her couple times what she wanted to be when she grows up.She gives me different answers.Sometimes she wants to be a doctor then suddenly a dancer. It’s so interesting how young kids who see what their parents do for a living becomes their dream. For example,she has three classmates (two boys and one girl) who want to be farmers.I’m not surprised because their fathers are farmers and usually with this kind of job kids get the exposure at very young age. So they want to follow their parents’ footsteps.In our case,I’m not sure if our daughter has any idea of what we do.We tell her we go to work to clean.But as she’s growing up,I know she’ll get different ideas about her career path. For now we’re happy that she wants to be a mother someday!


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