Simple things = happiness

DSC_2788Happy Friday,dear readers!

Even we’re having a very busy weekend,but I know it will be full of fun.I hope you do the same—busy or not. There are lot of things that make me happy;being with the girls and the little things they do around here.

Less the clutter,please!

I encourage them to find happiness in little things like spending their day doing something worthwhile.I asked them one day to draw their family and our youngest daughter gave me funny drawing she made— minions-inspired.


Then we have a little dancer.Her moves always get me.She dances everywhere.Just like her sister,she’s a brave little girl;she’s not scared to show off her moves even on kitchen counter tops or high chair.She dances to the beat of her own drum.I have to remind her to be careful;it’s fun to do what you like to do especially at this very young age and being fearless comes with it.

I always find happiness to our girls’ little world.

Have a good weekend guys and keep finding happiness in small things!




Finally,this day has come! After weeks and weeks of planning taking the girls to the swimming pool before the summer is over,we finally did it yesterday!

Well,I really didn’t swim.I just watched them like a hawk playing in the water—two feet deep.

Also,I took some pictures.This first one was taken by my husband.I made sure to stop by at his work and show him our girls in their little swimsuits.He’s been bugging me many many times to take them to the pool because they will enjoy it.

So yesterday was the time to do it.I freed myself from any work,chores or writing,just for an hour.DSC_2805

They just can’t wait for this.This is not the first time they’ve been in a pool.We took them while vacationing in the Philippines which is two years ago.I’m sure they don’t remember it because they were so little.I paid $3 each girl and gave them shower first.The funny thing is,I didn’t even bother to bring towels to dry them up.I was so excited for them too and left the house without thinking grabbing at least one towel.It’s embarrassing,I didn’t even know how to operate the shower until this sweet girl taught me,”Just push the button,just keep on pushing“she taught me.In our house,we have to turn the shower handle— left or right.

Oh,well! I think that happens!


They met new friends too!Our neighbor’s daughter likes our girls so much.She played with them like throwing a ball.The girls enjoyed so much and didn’t want to leave.Our youngest one (this photo below) bravely tried to keep walking,heading to the next feet of head.I asked her to come back and stay closer. How I just love kids’ curiosity!

The pool closes at 5pm and open again from 6pm to 8pm.Then we went home.


I’m sure there will be a repeat before they close the pool for public.One mother told me that in less than two weeks.I’m not sure how long.Still it makes me happier this time that I can cross this activity off on our summer to-do list. One more activity,though,taking them to art gallery.I’m shooting to do it before the end of this week!With this simple and cheap activity,I can’t believe how much happiness it brought to our girls.They laughed like the water is tickling them. I will treasure this simple activity that brings great pleasure to our girls!

How’s your summer going for you and your kids?Hope everything goes as planned.



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Try the Filipino breakfast

DSC_2802Having this breakfast (steam rice,salted dried fish and fried adobo) is a treat for me—and the girls once in a while.My husband can only eat rice and adobo minus dried fish (surprise?!) without any complaining.

We go to Asian market in Omaha once a month;an indulgence I could call to buy all things grocery stores in town don’t offer like squids and live crabs.

I’m always craving for this since I came over here.It’s really hard to give this up then suddenly eating pancakes,eggs and bacon.That shift wasn’t easy for me,though I love pancakes and bacon!Eating cereals is another choice too but I feel starving few hours after.Unlike having rice in the morning,I feel full until it’s time for lunch.

For some,frying fish smells yucky (!) and taste not good.For me,it tastes like home.

I’m really surprised how much the girls love eating them.Between pizza and this,I’m 100% sure,they’d go for dried fish—all day long!Aside from it doesn’t look and taste good to others,they think it is foul-smelling.What I usually do when frying this,I have a mixture of vinegar and a little water next to the frying pan and open the door or windows.It really helps!

We can only have this breakfast every other weekend mornings.Sometimes,we two types of breakfast on the table—Filipino and American.

What other breakfast you eat?Try this one some time!