I’m reading Thoreau

DSC_3167Hello guys!

It’s been a very busy week for me (I told you!) but starting next week,my schedule will be pretty mellow and that’s the good news for me! (Quick note: I got a cold and ran a little temperature a couple days ago but I’m recovering). Finally, I’ll be working between my full-time job and writing. I just placed the students assigned to me few days ago. Less pressure and I can do a lot of things what I normally do—like reading.

I have to go to bed before 10pm and wake up at 4am. I  do this five times a week. Usually,my reading time is when I’m about to go to sleep but days got shorter and other commitments occupied me for the past few weeks. Here I am back to reading again.

Reading Thoreau.

When I started this blog,one inspired me is the book ‘Walden‘ by Henry David Thoreau. I thought telling how we will overcome our debt problems is the sole reason to keep writing but finding happiness in simplicity is what I want to advocate,too. I watched few videos on YouTube about people who chose to live a simple yet fulfilling life. I want to be like them. We don’t need expensive stuffs to be happy. Although, I have big dreams like traveling different places and to experience something extraordinary like going to expensive restaurant one day—out of curiosity why people dare to spend so much money on it.

I don’t find happiness in expensive jewelries,shoes,purses,clothes,etc. Small moments like spending time with the girls,reading a book,writing and meeting people are good enough to make my day. I already started reading first chapter of this book few months back but that’s the end of it. I got so busy of doing gazillion things like reading another book or doing countless errands but now I can’t wait to start all over to fully understand Thoreau’s message.

These what makes me happy.


We are only three blocks from the elementary school where our oldest daughter attends kindergarten. We walk to pick her up and we walk altogether going back home. Each day we take different routes,I find it cool and fun. Plus, they love to see people in neighborhood;other benefit is I do my little exercise! When we get home,we stay outside a little bit and spend time at the playground. This is also a good way to refresh my mind.

DSC_3173I baked cookies for a snack. These cookies are not homemade,though. I bought it from my coworker’s daughter’s school fundraising program. One way of supporting students for the benefits of the club where she’s a member. Bonus! Cookies are pretty good!

DSC_3172Currently,this is the view in front of our house. So calm and nice,isn’t it? The harvest season is coming up and this picture will be totally different. It’s really quiet in our neighborhood except when few cars drive so fast. Still, we find beauty in it.

Have a great weekend,guys!


I do this for a living

custodian2Hello dear readers!

I’m hoping you’re having a great day. Even I’m feeling not the best even I have a cold and lower back pain when I woke up this morning, I’m having a good Tuesday!

Anyway, one of my readers, Jen (hello and thank you for reading my blog girlfriend!), made a comment on yesterday’s post about my full-time job.

A full-time cleaning job at the school. Aside from blogging,writing, working with exchange students,cleaning becomes my full-time job barely a month ago.

It works for us but I’m still in the process of  ‘will-I-like-this-or-not’ stage.I’m learning so much about hard work as this is my first cleaning job. It pays good compared to what I got paid from my two previous jobs—receptionist and kitchen crew. Plus, the benefits are awesome!

You know how much I love our girls; me and my husband decided to take this job for them. We hate taking them back to daycare. They’re with us 24/7 except our oldest one started kindergarten and by next week,our youngest one will attend preschool at the church twice a week.

Cleaning can be a fun but could be a weary job. I get up at 4am,sometimes twenty minutes late. I have to start at 5am until 1pm.Lately,I’ve been staying almost 1:30pm because I have to help clean the school cafeteria.

I walk a lot. I vacuum few rooms. I do wiping windows,sweeping and mopping the floor.

custodian 1

And wiping more things down.

I even cleaned up puked for the first time few days ago. Expectedly, I almost puked too!

This is the reason why this kind of job pays higher than the job in the office setting. It’s a lot of work, honestly.Who wants to take this job at a minimum wage? Nobody.Maybe there are some but I doubt if the number would be massive. So,I salute those people who consider this type of work as their career and retired doing it.

The funny thing is I do this for a living but when I get home,I don’t do much of cleaning. My husband does! I think it works that way for many—just like my case.

Even cleaning could not be the best job in the world,you have to do what you got to do to make things work out for you and your family—and that’s our case.

So,there you go Jen and readers! I gave you glimpse for what I do as a full-time school custodian!


I’m only 10K words away

DSC_3153Happy (late) Monday, guys!

I know I’ve been missing out posting but I hope you really understand that I’m so busy these past few days; full-time job,looking for volunteer hosts for exchange students (a lot of work!), girls, writing, and managing the household.

On the lighter note, I’m only 10K  short to finish my book writing. If I could pour two hours a day writing,I could finish this in ten days but because of the commitments I have,I’m taking it one step at a time. To finish my manuscript,I need to have at least 75k words. That’s way too much words but I love writing and I’m enjoying every time I sit in front of the computer and start typing.

I already have few friends that committed to read my work first to give some ideas,suggestions and any corrections.Then, I’ll start looking for literary agent and we’ll go from there.They say the fun begins when finding agent and publishing company but I am more thrilled than ever! I might encounter disappointment,will shed some tears and I have to learn the real meaning of patience.

I know,it’s really crazy but this is what I want to do with my life—blogging and writing a book!

Hopefully, I’m done in mid-September because the goal is to be published before the end of the year.



My schedule this week is filled with phone calls and sending emails to possible host families that willing to take care of these students from two countries. Networking takes chunk of my time.I don’t know how salespeople handle it but this job is really fascinating.I’m learning which strategies work and don’t work.

I’m hoping a great start of the week, everyone!