I’ll be cleaning all this weekend

blog 003I’ll be off this whole weekend. Yay! I worked for the last two consecutive weekends and I think it’s about time to stay home and enjoy the house with some deep cleaning to do.

And I’ve been reading this book that I borrowed from the library last week-The humble art of zen-cleansing. And take note,when I take our youngest daughter to the library while waiting for her sister to get out of school,I keep on reading cleaning books.It helps to motivates me to clean every day.

It’s not surprising to see everyday how our house can be look like a chaos because of the girls’ mess they made(and yes,it seems like it’s their forte).Just like the other night,I laid down for few minutes while I let them play at the living room and I didn’t have any idea that they decided to mess in the kitchen.They got a hold of a salt and pepper shakers then poured them on a kitchen floor.

I already wrote down what things I wanted to be done.From the bathroom to every room.


blog 002We already started cleaning something in the kitchen.Even they make a big mess,when it comes  in cleaning they are my little helpers.I’m amazed how happy they are when they get involved doing household chores.Our oldest daughter helped me cleaned her daddy’s coffee maker and she’s so proud every time she’s done pat drying it with a towel.It’s a huge accomplishment for her and to see her reaction is priceless.

Another one.

blog 003The microwave.

How nasty it gets when it left uncleaned for couple weeks.Popcorn,melted butter,crumbs.They all get nasty.They’re little things to clean but it takes time to get one of them clean.From washing to scrubbing,it does take time.

I’m hoping my cleaning motivation will keep on growing and hopefully it will be one of the hobbies I want to do with fun and pride.

Happy cleaning to me!



Inside the “investment house”

blog 004The other day,I posted about my husband’s little investment.He and his friend bought (technically not yet because they haven’t paid it yet but the go signal is already given to them) a house next to us and they fixing the exterior first before the winter time comes (and it’s getting closer,geez!) and actually,this weekend,the game plan is to paint the house except the inside because a hard labor is badly needed to finish the whole project.The house is in bad shape.

blog 011This is the living room and the kitchen is divided by a very very old flowery curtain.All appliances are old and as I looked at them closely,I think they’re not working.The rust and its outdated look can prove my claim. Just not be sound exaggerated,my husband and his friend started working on this house few days before I take this photo.They already removed the old wall papers and move things around but as you can see how bad the couch looks like?It’s really bad.And the carpet?Looks like a mold.That’s why I told my husband,he has no idea what they’re getting into.

A tenant lived here for 22 years.A single guy all his life and just moved into a housing authority.

blog 012This is the bedroom.They got rid of the bed by giving it to someone who can burn it to use as a firewood.

blog 014What I like about this area is the wood floor,if you’ll buy this today,no doubt it’s spendy.Some cleaning and scrubbing will do the shine.

blog 013As you can see how crisp the curtain look like. I think,this house is build homely if the tenant really took good care of it for his years staying to this place.They still have to remove the wallpaper but for now,focusing outside is their main priority.When they start the interior project,I’m sure I’ll be part of it-according to my husband.

I didn’t take a picture of the kitchen,laundry room and basement.Hopefully tomorrow when I get chance.

Before summer ends…

blog 001

…haircut is needed.

Geez! It’s been over eight long months since I had a haircut.My hairstylist lives here in town but operates two businesses-one here and the other is in next town.I promised her that I will text her if I decided to cut my hair but you know,things happen.I get busy here and couple times I was hesitant not to mess with my hair yet.

After we took our daughter to school yesterday,me and our youngest daughter had a “mother and daughter date” and we went to cafe and ate for lunch.We couldn’t find any parking spot right in front the business and I drove around and parked a block away and I saw the salon was open.

After we got done eating,I stopped by but didn’t see my hairstylist because she’s in her other salon.I asked if I could set up an appointment as  walk-in but I had to wait half hour later because she’s booked.It’s a perfect timing,I had to bring the take-out food to my husband at home and we had little rest while waiting.

My hair has low maintenance.I don’t dye or put any highlights.Although,we’re advised to get a haircut or hair trim every three months to maintain the shape of our hairstyle and to avoid split ends.And you won’t see me these often at this place.I go twice a year.

It’s not because of its cost ($19 by the way plus tip!)but my hair still looks okay even if I don’t do this much salon visit.I never had any problem with my hair every since I was a kid.Putting a little bit of olive oil before and after I take a shower really helps and who knows,I will use some coconut milk too!